Garnes: The Bears Have The Makings Of A Long Day For The Jets

Last week’s final score was the result of a tight game that got away in the second half because of turnovers. The Jets and had a total of four and Sam Darnold had all four accredited to him. If Sam and his New York Jets expect to win this game against the Chicago Bears, then it’s a must that he ends the day with no turnovers. If not, this one can and will get out of hand quickly.

Mitch Trubisky and the Chicago Bears offense has the potential and ability to put up yardage and points quickly. So, the last thing you want to do is to keep putting them back on the field and tempting fate.

The Jets are going to be without Bilal Powell who injured his neck in last weeks game and will need season ending surgery. There have been rumblings coming from the team headquarters of the possibility of star receiver Robby Anderson and center Spencer Long missing this week’s game.

This obviously is not an ideal situation heading into a contest on the road against a playoff caliber team on a 2-game losing streak. In other words, Chicago needs and expects to win this game. I expect a heavy dose of runs with Isaiah Crowell mixed with timely safe passes. Quick passes have been the formula for Miami and New England who have beaten the Bears the last to weeks, respectively. This must be the game plan when you are facing Khalil Mack and Kyle Fuller.

Kyle Fuller isn’t a shutdown corner, but he is smart and ball savvy. He leads the team with three interceptions. Sam Darnold’s game plan should consist of zero turnovers. He has 10 interceptions so far this year and he once to end this game with that stat remaining the same. Again, this was my only concern regarding Sam Darnold entering the the NFL.

Defensively, the Jets need to be good tacklers in space, Tarik Cohen and Mitch Trubisky are dynamic with the ball in their hands. They like to get the ball to Tarik quickly and then let his legs take care of the rest. Because of his speed, agility and balance he rarely if ever gets tackled 1 on 1 in space. Trubisky takes advantage of Defensive linemen pass rushing and not being disciplined in their lanes. If they get out of position he will take off and pick up chunks of yardage, especially on third down. This usually deflates the team and tires the defense out because they must stay on the field for another three downs.

That will make for a long day for the Jets who are already depth challenged due to injuries.

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