Garnes: The Falcons Are Tough But The Giants Have A Chance

The New York Giants need a win bad. In the NFL we have a saying that goes, winning cures all. It may not put them in playoff contention or even contention for the division. But, it sure will take the focus off things like who will be the next QB, comments in the media and overall poor play. You rarely hear about the opponent leading up to the game because of the negativity surrounding the team. It’s hard to see where this thing gets fixed and starts heading in the right direction. As Giant fans we want W’s and whatever comes along with that is fine. But, when you lose and there is seemingly more focus on internal strife than the opponent then that becomes an issue.

A win on the road when no one expects it can get things headed in the right direction. When I was with the other NY team and we were 2-5. We went on the road to beat San Diego bad and turned that into 9-7 record while beating Peyton Manning and The Colts 41-0 in the playoffs. This can happen this week vs this team. The Atlanta Falcons are 2-4 and have not been very good this year. They have lost both starting safeties in Keanu Neal and Ricardo Allen. As well as their signal calling linebacker Deion Jones. I expect Saquon Barkley to have another great game. The kid is the real deal. I also expect Evan Engram’s return to not only the 46-man roster but to his hometown to be productive. If Eli Manning and OBJ can start clicking this week then they will have a chance. But, as I always say, as goes the defense goes the G-Men. They have shown at times that they can be good, but they have been inconsistent at best. The front seven needs to shut the run down with out bringing Landon Collins into the box. We want to make this team one dimensional while limiting big plays in the passing game. We need the secondary including Janorris Jenkins, Eli Apple and the aforementioned Landon Collins to have a dominant game. Consistently making the plays presented to them throughout the night. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and rookie Calvin Ridley have been impressive. But, if they can make the Falcons one dimensional then they will have a chance.

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