Negron’s Batboy Tales: Alomar’s Advice to Torres

Roberto Alomar, the greatest second baseman of all time has been watching the playoffs with great interest. Number one as he always says, he is a baseball fan first. 

He loves to watch all the little idiosyncrasies in today’s game. Even though Robbie was the first of the true modern second basemen, (that means great fielders, great speed, great arm, hit and hit with power.) Oh and by the way, he was also a switch hitter. He has become a true fan of Gleyber Torres. 

If you look at Gleyber Torres final statistics this year, you would have to say that he would be a player that is on the right path to the Alomar baseball club. Naturally we have to see what unravels in the next few years, however this rookie campaign is not a bad start. 

Robbie has been watching the youngest player in all of this years playoffs in Gleyber and only has one bit of advice. 

I asked Robbie if he would share what that advice is with Gleyber and the fans that truly love the game of baseball and Robbies words were, “Gleyber your 21 years old, I’m sure you want to help your team in every way possible and may be putting a little extra pressure on yourself however, have the most fun that you can have. Playoff baseball doesn’t happen everyday and remember that of all the millions of kids all around the world that wish they could be in the major leagues, you rank among the top 100 major leaguers in the world. Not bad my friend not bad!”

Robbie also said that when he retired from baseball the very first thing that he did was sign a baseball to George Steinbrenner which said ‘ Dear Mr. Steinbrenner…My only regret was not playing for you and the Yankees. Since he was a little boy Robbie dreamed of being a Yankee. The closest he would come to wearing a Yankees uniform was when his dad Sandy Alomar Sr. was the Yankee second Baseman in 1974 and 75. During family day games was the only time that Robbie and his brother Sandy Jr. got to wear the fabled uniform. 

Robbie said that Gleyber has one up on him because he wears the greatest uniform in sports history. He plays for one of the most historic organizations in the World . Just have fun and after the season you can kick back and review all the plus and minuses. Then in 2019 you come back even stronger. 

I’m gonna share a secret with all of you. 12 years ago Mr Alomar gave the same advice to another Yankee second baseman by the name of Robinson Cano. Remember him ? 

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