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Pat LaFrieda’s Meat And The Otto Wilde Grill Is A Marriage Made In Food Heaven

Sure, you know where to get good meat. Its no secret Pat LaFrieda makes the best, but when it comes to cooking the meat, sometimes it’s difficult to have the right equipment.

That’s why LaFrieda teamed up with German company Otto Wilde to produce a grill that will allow you to sear meat by going to 1500 degrees. It allows you to cook the meat at very high temperatures so medium rare and rare cuts aren’t as difficult to make in the backyard.


Because there’s no door, there’s no smoke.  The pan underneath is there to catch the burnt off fat, so there’s no grease fires either.

The best part is this grill is very portable. It looks like a large toaster grill, but it’s also very powerful much like large Weber grills on the market. It makes it perfect for tailgating, in the backyard, and even those who grill on their tar beaches in the city.

Simply put, as a man who built a reputation picking the best cuts of meat, Pat LaFrieda wouldn’t put his name to something that wouldn’t compliment his products.  

The grill is available at the Otto Wilde Website and can be yours in time for serious tailgating at Jets and Giants games this coming year.

It’s a marriage made in food heaven with a product designed for everyone. 

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