You Can’t Go Wrong With Pat LaFrieda At The US Open

With so many food options at the US Open, it’s easy to get confused with what to eat.

But frankly, for me, it’s pretty simple. You can’t go wrong with Pat LaFrieda.

Known for it’s stands at Citi Field since 2014, LaFrieda has become the name in New York when it comes to good meat products

Introduced a few years ago at the Open with their signature steak sandwich and the burgers that are served at all the stands, LaFrieda has expanded to have three different stands on the grounds, each serving different menus.

You can’t miss the signature stand on the main grounds by the South Gate. It was the original LaFrieda stand that features the steak sandwich, a chicken parmigiana, a roasted chicken sandwich, a meatball hero, and what’s called the World’s Greatest Hot Dog – and believe me it gives Nathan’s a run for its money.

Then there is the stand in Arthur Ashe Stadium on the club level. Because they are dealing with a higher end clientele, LaFrieda introduced at that location a prime rib sandwich, a pulled pork sandwich, and a cold roast beef sandwich, which came in handy during those hot days earlier this week.

“You can’t get a high-end prime rib sandwich at a stadium anywhere,” said Pat LaFrieda’s Melanie Landano and added the roast beef sandwich is thinly sliced

In Louis Armstrong Stadium, a new stand opened up this year and features a double cheeseburger, which you can’t get anywhere else.

“This is the first time we have a burger that you can get at the Pat LaFrieda stands,” Landano said. It’s two patties with with a special bun and the Pat LaFrieda’s steak sauce, which came out last year.

The fun part is finding the food in on the grounds. Here’s a trick: Look for the lines. Generally Pat LaFrieda’s stands have the longer lines because they are so popular.

But don’t let that hold you back. The food is so good it’s worth the wait.  If you are at the US Open over the next week, visit the stands. If not, then there are 13 more Met games left (And a reason to go to Citi Field) and you can also go to the LaFrieda stand at the Pennsy at Penn Station to enjoy the sandwiches.

Anywhere you want it, they will be more than glad to have you.

You can’t go wrong with LaFrieda.

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