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Welcome to NY Sportsday’s 2018-19 Hockey Season!

Neil Miller/NYSD

Welcome to you, New York/New Jersey’s great hockey fans! It’s finally September and the beginning of the ice season. It’s exciting, especially here at New York Sportsday. While other media outlets are either laying off experienced sportswriters, cutting coverage, or asking you to pay for top notch evaluations of what’s going on in New York/New Jersey hockey, we remain free for all readers and, in fact, are expanding our coverage. More writers have come onboard (other outlets’ loss is our gain) and more space will be devoted to hockey this season. Our coverage starts this week, with season previews and a review of the prospects of each New York/New Jersey team.
Then we will cover the rookie tournament in Traverse City, followed, of course, by coverage of the main training camps for all three New York/New Jersey teams.

Watch for the articles, either online or on our new app (available for Apple or Android devices). Download the app today so you don’t miss our season previews.

Yours in hockey,
Leslie Treff
NY Sportsday Hockey Editor

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