Moeller: Bridgewater to Giants Among Other Rumors Could Heat up Soon

This week is a pivotal week for both Teddy Bridgewater and Davis Webb.

Bridgewater looked good in the Jets’ preseason opener against Atlanta and hasn’t shown any signs from his near career-ending knee injury.

Webb didn’t look as good as his most of his passes often were high and off target.

Bridgewater is expected to see second-team snaps in Washington Thursday night with prized rookie Sam Darnold likely getting the starting nod.  He will be looking to ace another test and should see plenty of action.

Webb, too will be in the spotlight to prove his previous week’s performance was a fluke and it could have been chalked up to a case of nerves after being idle for a year.

So, how do these two quarterbacks connect?

Rumors in print and over the airwaves are swirling about Bridgewater being dealt to the Giants in the next few weeks, based on Webb not being able to convince his team that he is their No. 2.

This is all predicated on Darnold having a strong showing against Washington and then following it and sealing the deal as the starter with a knockout performance against the Giants.

On the surface, it is credible and could happen. If Bridgewater shows he is his old self, he can make the perfect backup and eventual replacement for Manning.

Just don’t wager your home on this one.

The Giants still have faith in Webb or they would have dumped him in the offseason. He showed his arm strength and durability in the preseason opener. Webb always had looked good in practice.

But the Giants can pull the trigger on this one. All indications have the team in a “win-now” mode in a two-year window with Manning.

 If they believe Webb is not the answer, they will get an experienced backup –like Bridgewater or turn it over to rookie Kyle Lauletta, who they have high aspirations about his future.

On the other hand, the Jets have a valuable trading chip in Bridgewater if Darnold continues to impress the staff. Miami, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, and still Tampa Bay would welcome Bridgewater’s presence.

The Jets could also deal him for a desperately-needed pass rusher. Oakland’s Kahlil Mack



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