Moeller: Don’t Pass Premature Judgements on Webb, Barkley and Darnold

Davis Webb, Saquon Barkley, and Sam Darnold have left some initial impressions.

​Unlike the expression and likelihood of the outcome, don’t judge any of them on their first impressions and contributions.

​It’s better to be patient.

​Sure, Webb left an unsure feeling with his performance against Cleveland. His 9-for-22, 70-yard, series of his passes showing easily could have been convincing.

​However, he hadn’t seen playing time against an opponent in a year.

Webb exhibited his arm strength with several throws downfield, a corner route and possible score in which Kalif Raymond turned the wrong way.

​He also scrambled out of the pocket for a first down and showed he could run a two-minute drill. But he couldn’t spike the ball in time before the first half ended for a field goal try.

​Webb spoke confidently after the game, and head coach Pat Shurmur has supported him.

​The 6-5, 227-pound Cal product will get another shot this week against Detroit. The Giants want him to establish himself this year and then hand over the car keys from Eli Manning in two years. Big Blue made the right choice by drafting Barkley and not a quarterback.

​Webb made his share of mistakes, as he looked like a raw rookie. He will need to tighten the reins this week as Manning will get the bulk of the time against the Jets the following week.

​The Giants are also high on rookie Kyle Lauletta, who is on Webb’s heels.

​As Manning said in the postgame against the Browns, Barkley’s opening burst was just one run.

​Watching it unfold, however, ignited playoff thoughts.

​Yet, let’s see what Barkley does with more playing time this week. His longest game after the opening run was three yards. Now, teams can game plan for him.

​Don’t take anything away from Barkley. He will be the real deal. But he won’t be the next Barry Sanders/Emmett Smith overnight.

​Let’s see him carry a full day’s work and catch some flair out of the backfield.

​It will be a very intriguing matchup against the Jet’s defense in two weeks.

​Like I said, Barkley was the right choice. He eventually will solve the Giants’ running issues. His progression will depend on the growth of the Giants’ offensive line, which looks like it also will take some time.

​As for Darnold, he was a joy to watch. He was very instinctive and reactive. The USC product looked very comfortable out there. He completed passes under pressure and his ball didn’t sail.

​Better yet, Teddy Bridgewater looked just as good, and the Jets now have three legitimate starters.

​Like Webb and Barkley, let’s see what Darnold does against Washington. Head coach Todd Bowles designated playing time for Darnold and Bridgewater will be interesting.

​Darnold will face a rebuilding Redskins pass defense and a subpar Giants’ one over the next two weeks.

​All three have captured the New York football world in their own ones.

​Still, be patient.​

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Jeff Moeller has been covering the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and college football and basketball as well as high school sports on a national and local scene for the past 39 years. He has been a Jets and Giants beat reporter for the past 13 years.

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