Moeller: McAdoo’s Revelation A Worthless One

Former Giants’ head coach Ben McAdoo may not know how to handle a football team, but he knows how to get back in the news.

After some of this recent comments, however, McAdoo may not be back on the coaching sidelines anytime soon.

​Yet, again, maybe he will. One never knows what one team may be thinking. McAdoo was highly regarded as an offensive coordinator.

The question here is: Does anyone really care? Does anyone want to rekindle the 2017 season again?
​Living in obscurity along Florida’s Gulf Coast, McAdoo granted an interview to NBC Sports’ Peter King in a column soon to be released, and he also gave a recent interview to the New York Post.
​If you read the piece or read or heard some snippets about it, you quickly discovered McAdoo hasn’t changed.​

​He took some shots at the Eagles, Redskins and Cowboys as well as tackle Ereck Flowers and new Giant and former Patriot tackle Nate Solder.
​McAdoo did praise the Giants in general, throwing kudos to Odell Beckham Jr, and calling his former team a playoff team this coming season.
​He also praised the bevy of the Giants’ off-season moves stating, “I think they’ve made a lot of the moves I wanted to make.”

​Good to know, Ben. I’m sure the Giants feel reassured.

McAdoo addressed several issues, but he didn’t accept any of the blame, one of the flaws that cost him his job last December. Some still call him a management scapegoat from last season, but McAdoo easily could have voiced a different opinion, especially if he had one on the Eli Manning situation.

He wasn’t the great orator last season, as he continuously read from the same script after every Giants’ loss. His current fire and brimstone tone may not have lost him the locker room last year.
​McAdoo reportedly has been reading and writing about football as he would have been preparing for the season from the recap through the draft.
​He will cash Giants’ checks through the 2018 season and likely assume he’ll get an offer to coach again on some level or even an invite to a broadcast booth.
​He may even volunteer his services in Florida on some level to keep himself in the news to help set up a gig for next season.

Yet, those chances probably took a severe blow with this outburst. Who would hire a coach who throws his players under the bus after the fact and still doesn’t accept any blame?

​Whatever McAdoo said in the King interview can make for a good read, but it shouldn’t be given a second thought.

Giants’ fans shouldn’t want to hear his name with the 2018 season around the corner.

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