Scout’s Take: Mets Should Go To The “Matz-Tress”

Who would the Mets want in return for Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard? Which one of these stars is more expendable? How much do they want in return for one versus the other? Should they even trade either of them? With all of the talk among fans and the media about possible trade scenarios involving these two monster pitchers, not too many have given enough thought to the possibility of left hander Steven Matz being dealt for some top prospects.

Here is a good young pitcher who could be traded to any number of teams next month that could net the new version of the “Bums of Flatbush” a nice return. Maybe not the blockbuster of a trade for one of their superstars, but one that could kick start their needed rebuild.

Matz is over-shadowed by the big two and teams know that he is a legit front of the rotation starter who could benefit from a change of scenery and a better team around him. You can see the frustration in his body language when he leaves a game after making one bad pitch in a 3-2 game. He is not struggling, he is just pitching for a bad team.

I doubt if the Mets would ever make a deal with the Yankees for anyone who could help their cross town rivals but they would be the perfect fit for the young talented lefty. They would take him in a minute and have the players in their system that the Mets need for the future. Prospects who could help make a difference within the next year or two for the Mets. The Yankees would not have to give up their No.1 prospect Estevan Florial like they would have to do for one of the big guys but they also would not ask the Mets to include Jacoby Ellsbury and the approximately $63 million left on his contract in a deal for Matz. That’s all “pie in the sky” thinking. Did I just say $63 million? Well that definitely is another story. It would be a shock to all of us if these two teams would ever make a deal like that. Then again, there have always been trades that we never saw coming.

So who else would be interested in Matz and who has the depth in their system that the Mets are looking for? Here is where it gets complicated. Other than the Yankees, the teams who have a need for a pitcher like Matz do not have those prospects that I mentioned previously and the ones who have the depth are not looking for a young lefty. The Dodgers have a good amount of talent down on the farms but already have five talented lefty starters in their system, so there is no need to give up young prospects for Matz. The Braves are in a pennant race and have a boatload of prospects but are in need of a closer not a starter and besides, they are in the same division as the Mets so that is not going to happen.

There are other teams who could benefit from having Matz in their rotation but no team is as desperate for a starter and has the talent to give up other than the Yankees. The question is, do the Mets have the guts to pull the trigger? I believe it is a win-win for both teams and their fans. Maybe we will see another all New York World Series in two or three years after a flawless rebuild by the Kings of Queens? Well call me a biscuit and slap me silly, wouldn’t that be something? And maybe we will find life forms on Mars?

Just something to think about.

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