Rushing: Mets have look of a team which can’t do anything right

If there is any optimism left that the Mets can turn their season around, they’re dimming those lights with every loss.

The dumpster fire in Flushing, Queens disguised as a professional baseball team’s season is showing no signs of letting up.

Another clear indication of this took place Sunday afternoon, at Citi Field. The Mets surrendered seven solo home runs to the Los Angeles Dodgers in an 8-7 loss in 11 innings. The loss capped off a lost weekend as the Dodgers left town with a series sweep.

That’s six straight losses for the Mets. The same team which started this season with an 11-1 record is now 13 games under .500.

“It’s tough, we’re not winning games,” said Mets manager Mickey Callaway. “So we’re doing everything we can every day to try and figure out how to get over that hump where we can start winning some games, so it’s tough.”

The Mets have lost 13 of their last 14 home games. It’s not just tough anymore, it’s brutal. It’s embarrassing and it’s borderline ridiculous what’s going on right now.

But with this team, it’s not when they lose it’s how they lose.

Saturday night, the Mets had to place scheduled starting pitcher Jason Vargas on the disabled list after suffering an injury on Wednesday while jogging.

Vargas, and his season-long struggles, is another story altogether. That’s one offseason free-agent signing you know this team would like to have back from their offseason.

Let’s instead look at how the Mets once again were hit with a problem and failed miserably at solving it. It was also further proof how ill-equipped this team is to offset roster issues that have come up.

The Mets, the same team with a Double-A team in upstate Binghamton, knew they might need a spot-starter for Vargas on Sunday. It’s bad enough the Triple-A team is all the way in Las Vegas, but what’s the excuse for not having another arm available from Binghamton?

General Manager Sandy Alderson and Callaway instead opted to go with their bullpen, starting with Jeremy Blevins. The results were disastrous for the Mets and a home run derby for the Dodgers beginning with the back-to-back homers Blevins gave up to start the game.

Yes, give the Mets credit for showing some moxie and battling back multiple times. There was some timely hitting from the offense for a change. But, for the last two months this team just hasn’t been able to get out of their own way.

Sunday was the bullpen, earlier in the season it was Matt Harvey, not long after that it was deciding what to do with Jose Reyes. But wait, there’s more…

It’s been another injury-plagued year for Yoenis Cespedes. Brandon Nimmo has been great, but the inconsistency of Michael Conforto has been another body blow.

And throughout the season there’s been the inability to score runs for their best pitcher, Jacob deGrom.

With rumors swirling that deGrom and Noah Syndergaard could be on the trade block soon, the question can’t be overlooked.

Can this team’s management, led by Alderson, be trusted anymore with a possible trade of their best players to get back much-needed prospects?

There’s 19 games left until the All-Star break with no sign in sight this Mets team has what it takes to turn it around.

That’s just how it looks and it’s up to them to change the narrative.






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