Batboy Is Another Bronx Tale in Babylon

This Sunday will mark the first showing of the Ray Negron play Batboy. It’s the story of New York Yankee long time George Steinbrenner aide Ray Negron and his introduction to the world of the fabled baseball team in the era of the 70s.

Ray calls it the craziest action packed and yet most loving time in Yankee history and the story needed to be told.

Chazz Palminteri, the creator of one of Hollywood’s and Broadways most loved stories (A Bronx tale ) is credited with being Ray’s inspiration in going forward with this project.

Chazz told Ray over lunch at Geno’s Pastries in Author Ave that if I didn’t do it now it would never get done.

Mr. Steinbrenner introduced Ray to Chazz, after A Bronx Tale the movie premiered and one of the Boss’s cronies made a comparison between the Kid and Sonny and me and the Boss. I always feel very proud when Chazz also makes the comparison.

Just like the Boss, Chazz has always made me feel like there isn’t any thing I can’t do. I am forever grateful to him and the inspiration that he has been to me. He has lived the American dream and is always sharing his success with others. Just like the Boss.

Ciaran Sheehan who was the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway stars as Bobby Murcer and Joseph Gian who stared on the very popular television series Knots Landing,also stars as the great Yankee catcher Thurman Munson. Local Long Island actress Denise Cormio plays Diana Munson, Martin Knapp is explosive as Billy Martin, Tyrel Carpenter plays Reggie and Larry Davis is competent as George Steinbrenner. And Charlie Santoro is the perfect Yogi Berra.

And of course, Mickey Rivers, plays a great Mickey Rivers. 

If you want to catch a good afternoon then go and see Batboy this Sunday at the Argyle Theatre in Babylon NY.


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