Tommy Fleetwood Goes His Own Way For One Of The Best Rounds At Shinnecock

“Who doesn’t know Tommy Fleetwood?” the golfer asked when he hit to a 4-under today to put himself back in contention.

Actually, with a name like Fleetwood, you may wonder if he’s related to Fleetwood Mac.

He’s not.  

“I am a Fleetwood Mac fan. I like the albums,” Fleetwood said. “No. I don’t have any musical talents. I didn’t pick up that one. But they are a very good band.”

Well now 1-over for the tournament, Fleetwood is going his own way after today’s brilliant performance, which gave him one of the best rounds of the day.

“I did play well yesterday in tough conditions, and I just said before I got on a run on the back nine where I had a bunch of five-, six-foot putts where the greens at the end of the day, they’re not at their best,” he said. “They were was fast and it was windy. And I just happened to miss a few putts coming in, which was just as difficult as hitting the green with a 6 iron really, in a six-, seven-foot putt, just as it was yesterday.

“So it wasn’t loads different. Today felt like I played really solid. At one point, it was the middle of the round, it was just keep going and try and survive whilst the rain is there and the wind picked up. Luckily enough, I caught a few birdies at the end, and 66 was very, very good.”

So, don’t stop thinking about tomorrow Tommy, it will soon be here and you will make the cut. And what will be the biggest factor for the final two days?

 “Probably more likely to be wind. The hole locations — generally, on the greens, there’s only a certain like amount of green that you can put pins on,” he said. “So if you actually could hit the middle of the green all the time, you would never be that far away. But the wind probably makes it difficult to do that. But having said that, you can put pins — you saw it yesterday.

“I think there was a pin on — well, 14, you could — I had a six-footer there that I tapped. Anything firmer, it picked up pace, that could have gone off the green. I know people put in off the green there, and there was a couple that were on slopes. So it’s a very good question that I’m not sure on the answer really.”

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