Moeller: Goodbye Odell Beckham Jr., Hello Saquon Barkley

Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese know the outcome.
The last time Giants’ owner John Mara mentioned that “no one is untouchable” both McAdoo and Reese found out it was true.
Now, roughly, a week ago, Mara uttered the same words about Odell Beckham Jr.

Whether or not it happens, it’s time to get rid of Beckham.

If the published reports are true about the Rams offering a pair of first-round picks, pull the trigger.

New Giants’ GM Dave Gettleman has made strong indications that the team will focus on instituting a running game this fall.

Take into account the signing of Nate Solder as well as other lineman, and the several reports have the Giants drafting a lineman in the early rounds.

Goodbye Odell, Hello Saquon Barkley.

Draft the player with the second overall pick who is regarded as the best talent in the draft, and concentrate on establishing a dominant running game that has been missing from the Giants’ attack for way too long.
If the Giants truly believe Eli Manning has two years left, now is the time to draft Barkley. Allow Davis Webb some time to develop and see if he can be the answer. Tight end Evan Engram will continue to mature, and the team does have depth at the receiver position.
Again, if most of the accounts that are surfacing from the Meadowlands are true, this would seem like a logical route to take.

Yes, Beckham is one of the most talented receivers in the game, and the case can be made through statistics on how his presence in the lineup makes the team more productive.
There is also the train of thought by some media types that if Beckham has a 90-plus and mega-yard and TD season this year he would be easier to trade.

But will another team be willing to take him knowing they will have to make him the highest paid player in the game, topping Kirk Cousins’ 28-million check?

Knowing Beckham’s demand to be the highest paid player, do you honestly believe he will ask for anything less with a breakout season?
The Giants will begin voluntary offseason workouts begin April 9, and they can then see if Beckham’s ankle is fully healed. That is, if he shows up. Beckham can use the workouts as the start of his demand for a new deal, and things can get really messy. This should be the deadline to try and deal him.

Beckham has tarnished the Giants’ image with his acts of immaturity and selfishness, enough of them to make the team warrant a trade to the Rams. Even with Manning, Lawrence Taylor and other big names from the past, the Giants never have been a franchise that has solely revolved around one player.

Send him to Hollywood now, and let the Rams worry about how to sign him for next year.
Gettleman needs to begin a new era with a dynamic running back and a restructured defense. He needs to take the advice of his owner and rid the Giants of another piece of the puzzle that won’t fit.

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