Four Perfect Situations to Stream Football Online with beIN Sports Connect

The Solution for a Huge Problem:

Imagine finding yourself stuck in a place where you are unable to watch Manchester United take on Liverpool or Barcelona face Real Madrid.

That would be devastating, wouldn’t it?

For any football fan, this is a huge nightmare, a situation nobody who enjoys the beautiful game would like to find themselves in.

However, more often than not, a large number of people are actually stuck in moments like these; experiencing the annoyance of wanting to watch something on TV, but not being able to.

In regards to the sport, services like beIN Sports Connect have managed to eliminate this horrible situation for football fanatics all around the globe.

Using simple, yet innovative ideas, such as making a TV service mobile and accessible, football fanatics are now be able to enjoy the much-loved sport from any location within range of an internet connection.

Scenarios Where You Will Love to Have Subscribed to beIN Sports Connect:

We have created four scenarios that give you the perfect explanation how beIN Sports Connect can make your day to day viewing much simpler. Whether you’re stuck in Bangkok’s rush hour traffic, find yourself stuck in a hotel room or at the airport without access to a sports channel, are experiencing a black-out or subscription expiration, or even on a road trip with family and friends, having access to online football streaming will go a very long way to making these situations bearable.

There is a strong market for online streaming services, because in Asia the Manchester United is the most popular team and Leonel Messi is the most popular player, and we are talking about MILLIONS of persons.

#1 – The Terrible Traffic in Bangkok Can Make You Miss Your Match… But Not Any Longer!

Traffic in Bangkok from 5:30 pm up until about 8:30 pm on an average weekday is usually very chaotic, with passengers sometimes stationary in the same area for up to an hour. Given that using your mobile phone while driving is against the law, let’s consider the passengers in the vehicle.

With direct access to beIN Sports Connect from your phone, being stuck in traffic will never be about a long wait ever again. If you’re stuck in an area with high density traffic, chances are that you will also have access to the internet via a 4G signal on your mobile device.

Courtesy of mobile data, you can now enjoy football streaming straight from the comfort of your car seat, right in the middle of total gridlock. If that doesn’t solve your traffic woes, then we are not sure anything will!

#2 – Never More Miss a Match Because of Traveling:

Travelling is exciting, it may be tiring, but it is definitely always fun. However, just like we can’t always choose the exact time of our desired flight, train, or when the bus leaves the terminal, in the same way we can’t choose when a football match will kick-off.

Anyone can find themselves stuck at a certain railway station or in a hotel without any means to watch the world’s top football leagues. However, as we all know, even if these venues don’t have football, they almost always have direct access to the internet. So, if you ever find yourself stuck at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport during the time where an important match is being played, head for a comfy sofa, connect to the airport’s WiFi and enjoy your wait! The same goes for hotels, where there are usually channels available for your viewing pleasure, but most of them rarely show matches from Europe’s top league.

#3 – Rainy Days Will Never Be an Obstacle For Your Passion Again:

Another situation in Thailand that is just perfect for using beIN Sports Connect is to stream football is during those rainy days, where more often than not, the power suddenly cuts out. Experiencing a black out in Thailand is very common, so being prepared for when it does happen will come as a huge relief. The situation gets even more frustrating if your favourite match is being shown and you somehow lose access to it, either through an electrical outage or having your cable subscription cut. However, don’t you fear, with beIN Sports Connect, you will most likely still have mobile data, so streaming football in the dark may still be possible.

#4 – During Unexpected Road Trips:

Do you have to travel all of a sudden just a couple of hours before you favorite match? Don’t worry, because beIN Sports Connect Thailand can help you with that too.

The benefits of online streaming are not only limited to times of crisis, but can also be enjoyed during road trips with family and friends.

Mobile data coverage in Thailand has seen rapid growth in recent years, so no matter where you find yourself, you will most definitely have access to the internet.

With beIN Sports Connect available to you, sitting as a passenger has never been more comfortable, especially if you’re relaxing and watching football in the middle of a highway or even a mountain pass. As long as your mobile phone or tablet is within reach, the best footballing content will never be far away.

Situations That Will Never Be an Issue Again:

Every single day we find ourselves in various situations. Even if we travel the same route, events and experiences along the way are bound to be different every day.

In regards to football fans, the same logic can also be applied to the few hours leading up to a highly anticipated match. Some learn it the hard way, some the easy way, but what’s sure is that life is not fair, and we may sometimes be forced to miss an important football match because of external factors out of our control.

For die-hard Manchester United or Liverpool fans, missing a fixture which sees these two teams battle it out for pride and glory could be compared to the end of the world.

However, if you have beIN Sports Connect in your life, you will never ever have to experience this dreadful scenario. So what are you waiting for?

And yes, this is going nowhere, because Southeast Asia – including Thailand – is still a beacon for the biggest football clubs, so there is a lot of room for growth and improvement!

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