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Moeller: Giants and Jets Trade Picks? It’s Possible

David Pokress/Sportsday Wire

The Jets need a franchise quarterback.  (That’s something we have heard since the mid-70s).

According to most recent accounts, Eli Manning will be the Giants’ quarterback next season.

If the Jets are desperate enough, they will trade up to either get the first pick or the Giants’ pick.

Yes, the Giants’  pick. It is unlikely, but it is still a possibility.

Seeing Cleveland has a laundry list of needs and could pick a defensive player (the Browns also have the fourth pick), the Giants could trade down to the Jets’ number six slot and pick up some extra draft picks along the way.

New Giants’ GM Dave Gettleman had indicated that Manning will be the quarterback for the 2018 season. He also will be looking to revamp the offensive line and could have tackles Oklahoma’s Orlando Brown or Notre Dame’s Mike McGlinchey with the swapped choice.

The Giants could also get a third- or fourth-round pick (or both) and also either a first-or second-round pick in the 2019 draft.

With roughly 27 million in cap size, Gettleman will have to be a thrifty shopper and could use some draft picks to do a quick fix back to respectability.

Even though he didn’t play a down this season, Davis Webb reportedly has garnered rave reviews for his play in practice, and he still is seen as a future option.

The Giants could let Manning start the season and fill some other holes through the draft and free agency.

If Manning starts to show signs of a 37-year-old quarterback, he could be shipped to Jacksonville (depending on the Jaguars outcome this season) to be reunited with Tom Coughlin, allowing Webb to take over.

On the other hand, the Jets could land either Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold as their new franchise quarterback, trade away a picks package, and still have nearly $100 million for free agents and also an extra second-round pick from the Sheldon Richardson trade.

Jets’ GM Mike Maccagnan will need to make the right choice after the Christian Hackenberg debacle.

Josh McCown could be resigned to a 1-year deal and would be a perfect mentor for the rookie.

It certainly could help both teams and generate plenty of interesting chatter.

Then again, the Giants could keep their pick and draft one of the quarterbacks or a lineman.

The Jets could try to persuade Indianapolis or Denver with the same package or keep their pick and take their chances.

With no-nonsense Gettleman and determined Maccagnan plotting their paths over the next few months, it definitely will be interesting winter and spring.




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  1. Elliott Timmons

    January 4, 2018 at 7:46 pm

    Jeff Moeller,are you smoking something? The trade from the Jets I find acceptable,for the Giants is the Giants,and Jets would swap first rounders of this year,and the Giants will also receive the Jets 2nd,and 3rd rounders of this year,and the Jets 1st rounder of next year. That’s a fair trade. The Giants will still have good QB’s to pick from in the 2nd round. If Lamar Jackson,or another good QB is available,I’m picking him,and another good offensive lineman in the 2nd round. Also resign Richburg,and maybe Pugh,and trade away flowers,for Joe Thomas straight up,and the Giants will have the best offensive line,or in the top five in the NFL. I also thought of another big trade,for the Giants as well as thus involve the colts. Also trade,for the number three overall pick to also add Barkley out of penn state. That trade is only a dream,for now,but the other possible trade with the Jets,for the only I’m proposing is reasonable.

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