The 3 Best Foreign Players in Red Bulls History

The New York Red Bulls soccer franchise has seen its fair share of talented soccer players to wear its colors. In this article we will focus only on the foreign talent to wear the red and white jersey of New York’s soccer pride and we will try to figure out who were the best three foreign players.

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Thiery Henry

It is only fitting that we start with one of the biggest names in soccer history. When Henry came to New York he was at the end of his career, but could still do most of his tricks. He had previously played for clubs such as Monaco, Arsenal and Barcelona and when he arrived in the Big Apple he certainly made a big stir.

In addition, Henry makes this list because his soccer impact wasn’t just limited to the pitch, but off it as well. The talented Frenchman had the same influence on young players and soccer enthusiasts as David Beckham a few years earlier. He was an ambassador of the game and his role was not just to score goals, but also to familiarize American youngsters with the most popular game in the world.

Juan Pablo Angel

Juan Pablo Angel joined the Red Bulls from Aston Villa in 2007. Fans who followed the English Premier League knew what they were getting. Angel was a lethal finisher when in front of goal and had amazing shots to goals ratio whenever he played. Strangely enough though, the Colombian wasn’t very physical nor was he very fast. So how did he score so many goals?

What Angel lacked in physique and athleticism didn’t stop him to use his soccer brain to the best of his abilities to become one of the smartest poachers in front of goal. Many fans still remember his off the ball movement and how difficult it was for opposing defenders to mark him.

He ended his Red Bull career with 62 goals to his tally and fans will always have a special place in their hearts for the Cherubic Assassin.                                                                                                     

Youri Djorkaeff

Youri Djorkaeff was a teammate to Thiery Henry in the France national team and was responsible for the country’s biggest soccer achievement in the 20th century – the World Cup victory in 1998 of which he was an integral part.

However, when Djorkaeff joined the Red Bulls many felt that he was just doing it for the money and that he was only looking for a retirement home. As usual, naysayers were wrong.

Djorkaeff played magnificently for the Red Bulls, showed incredible dedication to their cause and was a role model for everyone in the dressing room.

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