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Sports gambling – the most notorious scandals of all

Sports gambling is considered to be one of the easiest and at the same time interesting incomes in comparison to others. With the help of only one bet a lucky player can increase his bankroll by several times. However, you can lose everything with the same single bet. It’s extremely disappointing when the result of the match is decided by only one goal scored during added time (especially when it is a tournament like World Championship). But you cannot but agree that taking risks is an integral part of the gaming process. So, chances to win and to lose are equal.

Betting is an excellent hobby (like online gambling nowadays). If treating it right, it may become a sustainable additional income. This is why betting is so popular (together with different similar free offers issued by poker rooms and casinos). You shouldn’t forget that legal betting goes close together with private illegal betting world. Even players from top sports echelons become involved in this sphere. They start distributing, advertising, organizing black-market “battels” and bets and even participating in them. Sometimes, such underground activities float to the surface and scandals erupt. Image the scales, if the USA sports idols become involved in such obscure stories. Large-scale rows were registered to have famous sportsmen WIVES messed up.

Next, we’ll tell you about the most famous incidents in the sports gambling world.

Pete Edward Rose case: Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds

Pete Rose was a baseball coach in “Reds” in 80s. He had been a very successful leader, until his disqualification in 1989. It turned out, that Rose made bets on the results of matches.

Though his collaboration with the team was quite short-termed, he managed to break several records. Pete Rose was tipped as promising coach. But his career was put at risk when he turned 48. Rose had a chance to get to the Baseball Hall of Fame, but eventually his career was destroyed by the scandal.

The case of “Reds” coach was run by officer Jamie Bartlett. He thoroughly investigated the case and found many inculpatory evidences of Pete Rose. This incident is thought to have affected baseball strongly, as the sport was deprived of such outstanding coach.

Pete Rose tried to get his case reconsidered numerous times, but the members of special committee always dismissed his appeals for non-actionability. After this scandal, the administration of the US Baseball Hall of Fame took an unpleasant decision to exclude all the players and coached involved in scandals.

It should be mentioned, that Pete Rose eventually confessed in 2004 in his official appeal of making bets on baseball matches.

The Juicy Alex Karras and Paul Hornung sandal

Alex Karras and Paul Hornung are both very well familiar to the American football fans. Famous star players were disqualified for the whole season because of illegal betting. The best American football team – “Packers” – player – Paul Hornung – made only one “blackmarket” bet of $500. Alex Karras – at those time the most valuable “Lions” quarterback  – was charged with illegal betting at least 10 times. Karras preferred not to take risks and made small bets from 50 to 100 dollars.

Both players admitted their guilt reluctantly. Only some time after the incident, Paul Hornung made an official apology. He used the word “terrible mistake” to describe the incident. Alex Karras also confessed of what had been done in from of the public. Both players returned o NFL in a year. None of them was caught on illegal betting ever since and both players criticized it.

Betting on your own team

The National Collegiate Athletic Association of the USA is known informally as “March Madness”. This words’ collocation perfectly describes the atmosphere in sports bars, campuses and gyms. And of course, this “Madness” also rules bookmaker’s offices: the number of bets during this period increases in terrific scales.

In 2003 a certain Rick Newhasel decided to benefit from the championship. He used to be a coach of one of Washington college football teams. Despite the fact, that he made bets on his players exclusively, his management did not appreciate his devotion. Rick was fired for illegal sports betting, but soon he lodged a complaint against the university and won the case.  The compensation he received was estimated at $ 4,5 million.

This story is a happy-end exception of the rule. So, remember, if you’re a football coach and are fond of sports gambling, try to pay attention to what your executive may think about it. But in case you gamble, try to bet on your team – in an aggravated situation it may serve the good turn.

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