Bartender Boxing Announces NYC, Chicago Grand Champions

After more than twelve weeks of intense training, Tequila CAZADORES® and the Bartender Boxing Organization are thrilled to announce the Final Match Round 2 Champions between New York City and Chicago bartenders. Hosted in New York City at STAGE 48 on November 19, 2017, the contenders from the two cities duked it out for the first time, surrounded by their friends, family and industry peers, for the chance to win the Championship Belt.

The Bartender Boxing Organization’s Second Round Champions are:

  • Jessica “Friedels” Freidman (NYC)
  • Jean “El BEBÉ” Oviedo (NYC)
  • Kayla “The Truth” Hasbrook (NYC)
  • Thomas “Macgyver” Sannito (Chicago)

“This program was amazing to be a part of,” says NYC Champion Jessica Freidman. “It made us prove our mental toughness and so much more.  The hard work was real, the commitment was real but what we gained and continue to gain makes it all worth it.”

The bartenders selected to participate in this program went through months of intensive gym and sparring sessions, grueling, yet rewarding regional competitions, as well as an immersive educational trip to the Tequila CAZADORES distillery in Arandas, Mexico. Tequila CAZADORES, a true favorite of tequila lovers far and wide and a brand that believes in the Bartender Boxing Organization’s mission, was the perfect sponsor to bring the program to life. With this wellness initiative, the program has taken bartenders out of their comfort zones with the physical and mental challenge of boxing at world-class gyms where their fitness, nutrition, mental toughness were tested, refined and perfected.  In Chicago, the participants trained at the Oakley Fight Club in the West Loop by top boxing trainers Lalo Beas and Aisling Holt. In New York, contenders went to the famous Gleason’s in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and worked with renowned trainers Dalon “Blimp” Parsley and Leon “Cat” Taylor.

“The caliber and commitment of the bartenders who participated in this program was unparalleled,” says Manny Hinojosa, Brand Ambassador for Tequila CAZADORES. “Fitness, wellness, and overall health is of the utmost importance in this industry as the late-night shifts, constant traveling and jam-packed schedules tend to lead to an overwhelming and unhealthy lifestyle. These bartenders dedicated the last three months of their lives to the Bartender Boxing Program and we at Tequila CAZADORES are truly grateful for each participant who gave it their all and gave us the opportunity to sponsor an empowering initiative that will make a long-term and positive impact on their health.”

Kicking off earlier this year, the Bartender Boxing program began with Round 1 between Los Angeles and Houston bartenders with their Final Match taking place in July 2017. Next year, the program will continue to grow and move into other markets, furthering the Bartender Boxing Organization and the mission of Tequila CAZADORES to implement health and fitness within the spirits community. Healthy living is important in this community and with Bartender Boxing, the cocktail community is coming together to promote and encourage active, smart and beneficial ways of making one’s life better.

“The boxers who engaged in the training far exceeded our expectations,” says Jason Littrell, East Coast manager for the Bartender Boxing Organization. “We laid out a wildly intense program of strict schedules, specific disciplines, and rigid guidelines with the hope that they would be inspired to create their own expectations of themselves, but we missed the mark.  The teams went far beyond our hopes for them with an inspiring, and touching commitment to not only their own health, but to their teams, and their industry.  We couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments, and we hope their peers are listening.”

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