Negron’s Impact: Never Forgetting The People On Thanksgiving

Cesar Presbott is a scout for the NY Yankees. Has been for the past 30 years

His main responsibility for the Bronx Bombers Is to find and recommend the best players available in the tri state area.

If you know Cesar Presbott than you know that he loves Baseball but he loves people more. He is very loyal to the Yankees and he is very loyal to his players. Cesar was actually signed to be a Yankees scout by Lou Piniella and Billy Martin. They saw something in Cesar that only a true baseball man could see in him. Billy Martin called it big cojones. If you don’t know what that word means,just ask any Spanish guy.

Through the years he has signed many players but his biggest to date has to be Dillon Betances. Betances is a big man but a gentle giant.

Cecar has a passion for helping people both here in New York and in the Dominican Republic. Here in NY he loves to help the young and the hungry. For years with the help of many baseball people he has made sure that the poorest families always had a happy thanksgiving. On thanksgiving day he and his wife and what ever player is available go to a local shelter to make sure that those people are properly fed.

Since the year he first signed, Betances has been Cesar’s champion. He has never missed the turkey give away that Presbott puts together. At this years turkey give away many people said that there is no way that Betances would come because of his somewhat disappointing post season. Cesar however knew better and never lost faith in his guy and the fact that Betances would show up for his people. At one point the owner of the facility came over to me in a nervous state because she said that this was their biggest turnout and if Dylan didn’t show up it would be a bad thing. I told her that if Dylan said he was coming that you had nothing to worry about. Like clockwork Dylan Betances marched in to a capacity and cheering crowd. Dylan addressed the big crowd and his words gave much joy and hope to the mostly poor audience. After taking pictures with so many people he spent time with the latin media and then George King of the NY Post. King hit Dylan with questions that he really didn’t want to address but answered every one like a man

Dylan would like to stay a Yankee however he understands the business of the game. He also said that he was surprised at the fact that joe Girardi was let go but feels that the Yankees are headed in the right direction. He also thinks that CC Sabathia should be brought back. I told Dylan that if he didn’t come to the turkey event a lot of people would of understood but he said that I know what this event means to Cesar and i would never disappoint a man that does so much for people.

There were over a thousand turkeys given away. However the thing that really hit me was a lady leaving with her three kids saying thank God that now we can have a good thanksgiving. I may be biassed but as Cesar Dylan and I know……this is the Yankee way.

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