LeBron James Mocks New York Knicks after Cavaliers’ Comeback Win

Sports activities are seen as tools for uniting people and offering entertainment to the world. But it is also a very lucrative business, and therefore must be taken seriously. One of the major heights of the aftermath of sports competitions normally comes in the messages that players send out after very important games.

In 2012, a team that no one gave the chance came from behind to win the UEFA Champions league, and that was the first in their history. Chelsea’s Champions league victory in that year broke a lot of records. However, the one-off victory against Bayern Munich in their home through a comeback display, and a penalty kick triumph may not be the major entertainment.

The highlight of that year’s campaign for some fans may have been the social media row that ensued between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid players after their semifinal game. It was a game that Real Madrid lost on penalties. After the game, some Bayern players started taunting Sergio Ramos. He threw his own penalty over the bar when he had the chance to give Madrid an advantage over Bayern.

It was Manuel Neuer, who took to twitter to say that he didn’t know Sergio Ramos enjoyed blasting his penalty over the bar. So, Bayern players booked a place against Chelsea in the finals of the Champions League game that will take place in their home ground, and felt over the moon. For them, they have achieved everything and they went on mocking Ramos. This deepened the animosity that greeted that game, which was as thrilling as any football match could be. After this, Ramos was left to lick his wounds.

However, Ramos was to exact his own pound of flesh when the determined Chelsea side defeated Bayern in their home ground to win their first ever Champions League trophy after a thrilling encounter. Ramos came back and tweeted that he didn’t know the Manuel Neuer enjoyed losing finals. The most painful aspect of this is that the final was more important than the semi finals which he lost, and it held on their home ground. He ended the tweet by wishing the Bayern player good luck in their next outing, and reminding him that he should always remain humble

It seems like the social media mocking game is not over in the word of high profile sports yet. This time, it is happening in the slam and dunk game in the United States. After a thrilling game of basketball between the New York Knicks and the Cleveland Cavaliers, it was the Cavaliers, led by the self-acclaimed King LeBron James that came out victorious. However, this was not an uneventful game, as the cavaliers had to come from behind to beat the Knicks who led with 23 points after the first half of the game. The comeback was inspired by no other than the King himself, who tallied the 23 points and additional 12 assists, and nine rebounds in the significant game

But, it was not the events that happened in the court while the game was going on that got the attention of the basketball world. It’s the Instagram post that James dropped after the game. It seemed like a dog that was directly aimed at the Knicks. It’s the type which serious basketball betting tips will factor in as a determinant to whatever performance the two teams will put up in their next meeting.  It all seemed like a situation where the young man looked at himself when he woke up from sleep and felt so good about what he did the day before. He then went to his Instagram page and posted a picture of himself standing at the center court of Madison Square Garden, over the Knicks logo. He titled the picture, “You’re welcome, (King) of NY.” with a crown emoji in support of the deceleration. He also used the hashtags, #myfavoriteplayground and #striveforgreatness.

The Cavaliers have been having a lot of issues off the court. But the win against the Knicks seemed to have given them something to chew, as they take some break from these issues. James is trying to explore this to the fullest so as to get maximum benefits from it.

It would be recalled that before the game, LeBron James had previously thrown some shots at Phil Jackson, who is one of the executives of the Knicks team. But this was perceived as a jibe on the rookie named Frank Ntilikina. The case was taken up by Enes Kanter, and it caused a sort of row between the two on the court during the games. However, when the game ended in favor of James and his Cavalier team, Kanter replied by telling reporters that he does not care who he is or what he brands himself. He said it may be the king, queen, princess or whatever. That is none of his business, and he will be ready to put up a fight anytime.

It seemed his statement after the game could not deter James from making his king of New York Instagram post. However, everyone expects a clap back from Kanter and the Knicks anytime soon. But such clap backs does not happen, until the team gets the better of their opponent.

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