Socially Acceptable: Yankees Dominate The Year In Social Media

The Yankees (1st) and Mets (7th) ranked among the top 10 most socially valuable teams in 2017, according to MVPIndex, a social media intelligence platform that analyzes athletes’ social media portfolios and calculate their digital brand value.

No Yankees or Mets, however, landed among the top 10 individual MLB players in the Socially Relevant category, which was headed by the Cubs’ Javier Baez, Nats’ Bryce Harper and Angels’ Mike Trout.

According to MVPIndex, despite Aaron Judge‘s rise this season, the Yankees slugger ranked just 36th on social among MLB players due to lack of posting on his channels. But when he did post, fans responded: Judge took four out of the Top 10 spots among social media posts from MLB players, specifically his Instagram posts during the 2017 post-season and during his first All-Star Game in Miami where he won the Home Run Derby. In fact, Judge gained more than 100,000 new followers in one day after his Home Run Derby championship.

“This season we saw fans consuming sports content differently. They turned to digital, mobile and social platforms rather than traditional media channels, and it created compelling opportunities for brands,” MVPindex’s co-founder Kyle Nelson said in a statement. “It’s now more important than ever for brands to have a dedicated social strategy to meet fans where they are and a measurement platform to help them understand the true value of their marketing spend.”

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