Sources: The Yankees Are Planning On Bringing Girardi and Cashman Back

On the day the World Series started, this was not how the Yankees wanted to see their season end.

But earlier today, the Bombers were back at the stadium cleaning out for the winter and wondering what could have been.

And Joe Girardi was there. He did not speak with the media, and the manager left quietly in what could be his last time as Yankee manager.

Industry sources confirmed to NY Sports Day, the Yankees are planning on reupping both Girardi and general manager Brian Cashman with new contracts. The only question is if Girardi accepts.

Cashman is a no-brainer. Next year will be his 20th anniversary as general manager and he oversaw the Yankee retool, which quickly saw the club go to a youthful and athletic team, which is built to win for years.

The Yankees want him and he wants to the Yankees.

Girardi is another story. After the Game 7 loss on Saturday, he was asked about his future and answered it open ended.

“I love what I do. I’ve always said, the first thing that I do is I always talk to my family first,” Girardi said. “They come first. Because I think when you have a job, I mean, your family has to buy in, too. It’s not just what you want out of life. It’s everyone buying in. So I’ll sit down, talk to my wife and my kids and see where they’re at and what they’re thinking. And then we’ll see what the Yankees are thinking.

“That’s not my concern right now. I’ve had ten great years here. I feel extremely blessed. God has been good to me. And we’ll see what the future holds.”

So the decision is Girardi’s and he may walk away if he wants to take some time off to be with his family.

Girardi did have a tough October, which saw some very well managed games like the Wild Card play-in and then there was Game 2 of the ALDS, where by his own admission, failed to call for a replay, which set up a grand slam, bringing the Indians back in the game.

With the criticism he took that game, you can understand if he wanted to take some time off.

On the other hand, is looking for another opportunity or just more money from the Yankees?

At $4 million a year, Giaradi is the fourth highest paid manager in baseball after Bruce Bochy, Joe Maddon, and Mike Scoscia. He may be looking for a raise.

Or maybe he could look for an opportunity with the Nationals, as that job just opened up, after Washington dismissed Dusty Baker after two years. But even though Washington is ready to win, the Nationals have a much more volatile situation compared to the steady leadership in the Bronx.

Either way, it’s going to be his decision as the Yankees seem to want him back for another season.

We will soon find out.

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