Moeller: Giants’ Bye Week Could Lead to Future Bye-Byes

The Giants’ bye week solely won’t be about resting and refueling.

It will, however, be a true crossroads for the team. They can either regain some momentum and play some spirited football, or surface as a team that will go through the motions and likely face some serious consequences at the end.

They lived up to everyone’s expectations with their impressive showing on both sides of the ball in their 23-7 win at Denver. A 1-5 record suddenly ignited the embers from the ash.

For the first half against Seattle, the offense looked adequate at best, while the defense still looked like one units in the league.

 Unfortunately, neither side could finish the deal. The offense couldn’t get a legitimate drive going, and the defense eventually was gassed, as Seattle ran off 71 plays to New York’s 57. Yet, most of the time in the second half, the margin was larger than that in the 24-7 defeat.

 General Manager Jerry Reese spoke a few days ago about the state of the team and stated, “

“We’re 1-6. I’m responsible for everybody on the roster and I’ll take ownership to where we are right now with this 1-6 start.’’

He also said, “I do believe that we still have good players on this roster. I do believe we have to play better.’’

Hmm.. Reese did take credit for this debacle, but he also took an indirect shot at head coach Ben McAdoo.

If this team can’t rebound and finishes in the 3-13 or 4-12 range, both Reese and McAdoo could be show the door. Reese is the more likely to go than McAdoo because the organization hasn’t been to the postseason in five of the last six years. He has been the architect through the draft and free agency.

McAdoo might be spared if his stock doesn’t drop too deep with John Mara and Robert Tisch.

If McAdoo does get axed, is Eli Manning still the Giants’ quarterback over the next few seasons? New England offensive coordinator Josh Daniels already has surfaced as a possible new head coach in the Meadowlands.

The Manning-to-Jacksonville rumors still will have life over the next two months, especially if the Giants tank and have a legitimate shot at Sam Darnold-Josh Rosen quarterback draft sweepstakes. Or unravel the carpet to welcome running back Saquon Barkley.

In his defense, Reese and any other GM would be hard pressed to find suitable replacements for Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall. And he does have a point about his team playing better.

This hasn’t been a normal season, and chances are, it soon won’t revert to one. It certainly will be interesting over the last nine games, though, if we have seen the last of some key fixtures from a team and program that had a 2-to-3-year window to the Super Bowl.

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