The Road the Giants have to Travel to Get to the Wild Card Begins Now

Recently, all of their fans celebrated as the Giants got to their first victory, but now they have to keep on winning. Currently, no team that started with 0-5 managed to get to the playoffs. Now, most are thinking about the same thing for this team, especially when it comes to officials NY Giants odds to make NFL Playoffs. But, there has to be a first time for everything and the Giants locker room seems to be focused on a common goal – making history as a team.

But realities are here as well, which include the fact that the NFC East title is unattainable, with the Eagles having 5-1. Dallas or Washington might be able to catch up, but the Giants do not have a chance. This is why the wild card, more precisely one of the two which are in play is their best chance. The Packers are missing Aaron Rodgers and Brett Hundley is their QB. The Vikings are beginning their games with Case Keenum, while Tampa and Washington both have been in a better place. At the same time, the Cowboys are without Zeke Elliott for six games and the Falcons had their warm-up for the Patriots where they lost a 17-0 lead to the Dolphins.

However, this still means that the Giants have no margin for error and have to get a very long winning streak. The math is against them but if they can get to the 2-5, the pressure will diminish somewhat and then they can try to make an attempt to get that wild card. Some have called for Mike Sullivan, the offensive coordinator, to place his ego aside and do what the team needs. Now, with the Giants missing Brandon Marshall and Odell Beckham Jr. for this season, they still got a 23-10 win against the Broncos. This makes the offensive functional where Sullivan committed to the run, which in the end worked. McAdoo was all-in on the passing game, which went in line with their general power football approach. Of course, this is not the first time for the Giants where a coach stepped back to give their team a spark needed to play great.

This happened in 1999 when Jim Fassel delegated the play decisions to Sean Payton. They created a huge win against the Jets and the change did not save them that season but it did manage to provide them with an important option of mixing the point of authority for the betterment of the game. In 2017, no one can tell that the Giants are a bad team by any measure. The problem is that they were playing in a bad manner from the start of the season. They managed to squander their fourth-quarter leads against Tampa and Philadelphia. In each of those games, they lost on the final play on a field goal. They also blew a lead in the fourth-quarter against the Chargers, which really did not provide a great game.

Now, the question remains – is it too late for the Giants to truly regroup? The moment Jason Pierre-Paul made a short speech to fire up the team in the pregame huddle on that Sunday night was very telling. In it, he stated that the team is all they got, but that it is also all that they need. Now, all that they need is to fill in the ranks and stick together. This way, they really can make a run for the history books.


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