The Jets Turn The Page From The Pats Loss

It was a noble effort by the New York Jets. Even though they had the same record as the big, bad Patriots, you knew in your heart, which was a better team.

But the 24-17 final didn’t tell the whole story, since the Jets did have a chance in this game if are betting on Jets games.

However, Austin Seferian-Jenkins touchdown that was ruled a fumble out of bounds took the air out of the balloon for Gang Green.

To his credit, Seferian-Jenkins owned It. “They didn’t personally give me an explanation but at the end of the day the refs made the call, it went to New York, those are the people they pay to make those decisions and it’s out of my control,” he said. “They were harping on ball security and that was a great time for me to have great ball security and I didn’t have good enough ball security. Whatever the ref said, the ref said and it was a touchback. I let my team down in that situation. Next time I have to stress better ball security.”

Really, though, the Jets were screwed on the play and they didn’t have a chance to after that. Taking six off the board was just too much.

And they knew it.

“It’s difficult to take the loss,” said coach Todd Bowles. “It’s not the just the one play. We lost the ball game. They made more plays that us. You have to give them credit. They’re great for a reason. We’ll go back to the drawing board and play better.

Added Josh McCown: “It’s frustrating because you fight back into a game like that, and to have it go that way on a call is frustrating, but the refs are doing the best job they can. They look at it, they make the best call they can, and you move forward. That rule, just by losing possession and being a touchback, it’s hard for me to see why you – it’s not like they gained possession, so it’s a difficult rule to understand, but at any rate, refs are a part of every game and we can’t point at that and go, ‘Man, that’s the reason.’ There are so many other things that we have to do better and that we hold ourselves accountable to and that’s our standard, and we just didn’t do that and execute well enough today.”

Nut the Jets need to turn the page as they play in Miami next week, a team they best four weeks ago for their first win on the year.

They can’t continue to dwell on this loss, if they plan on getting their fourth win on the season.

“That wasn’t the reason we lost the game, so we’ve moved on from that,” Bowles said. “It’s not changing. We’re not going to cry about it all week. We have to go play Miami.”

And they need a win to continue this impressive season as a young team coming together. “We’re .500 right now, and we have 10 games to go,” Bowles said.”We have to get above .500 if we want to make any noise, but we can only play them one at a time. We have some spurts and we have some things we need to get better at, so we have to start putting it together.”

Smart words.

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