Josh McCown’s Great Start a Possible Problem for the Jets

The Jets’ current quarterback, Josh McCown, is eliciting a lot of excitement in the football world. His stunning performance over the past few weeks is strangely both a good and a bad thing. The 38- year old player proved to be an asset to any football team in 2015 when he finished 69 yards against Robby Andrew. Even after that sterling performance, his strong right arm was still unaffected by the intense exertion. Keep visiting this site for more information on the New York Jets betting lines offered by sportsbooks.

McCown’s Excellent Performance

McCown showed has time and time again proven that he is a legendary football player. He has an outstanding 70% completion rate and a 91.3 passing rate in 3 games. That is an exceptional accomplishment by any standards. He is too good a quarterback: arguably better than both Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty.

In Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins, he led his team to a resounding victory with the Jets dominating the Dolphins 20- 6. It appears that the Jets are on a winning spree given that their approaching games are rather winnable. They will soon be pitted against the Cleveland Browns and the Jackson Jaguars. There is a high likelihood that they will dominate both these games just as they did with the Dolphins. If this happens, then odds are McCown will remain quarterback for longer than the team had anticipated.

You may be wondering, why would it be so bad for McCown to remain quarterback? After all, he is leading his team to victory and he is bound to keep doing so time after time. The only problem is that he was supposed to be a temporary replacement for both Hackenberg and Petty. But if things go on as they are now, it is quite likely that the team will be on the horns of dilemma.

McCown exhibits many qualities of an ideal quarterback. He is intelligent, visionary, optimistic and unselfish. He can both lead and teach the younger players simultaneously. Even better is the fact that he is a practical player. He is not so much concerned with the beauty and flamboyance of his game but rather with winning. It therefore comes as no surprise that he successfully completed 18 out of 23 passes for 249 yards in a particularly difficult game.

There are those who are not really happy with things as they are with the Jets. Some would rather that either Petty or Hackenberg returned as quarterback. However, there are those who seem not just content but actually pleased with McCown as quarterback. One such person is the Jet’s own coach, Todd Bowles.

The team will however need to let both Hackenberg and Petty play at some point during this season, so that they can be evaluated before the next season’s drafts. The two however proved that neither of them is ready to shoulder the responsibility of playing quarterback. Granted, it is a heavy and demanding responsibility, and one that is not meant for everyone. In the meantime the Jets can continue enjoying the benefits of having McCown as quarterback.


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