Examining the Three Defining Plays of the Jets in the Film Room

Recently, the Jets lost 45 to 20 to the Raiders, so here is the look at the three crucial moments that were reviewed from the coaches’ tape. The Jets initially made a field goal and were being 21 to 13, so there was still a bit of hope for the team. After that, however, the floodgates opened for the Raiders, while lead to the New York Jets betting odds offered by sportsbooks to change dramatically. The Oakland team attained 3 wide receivers split that went to the right while the left came out with a split by Cordarrelle Patterson. This spread out the playing field and left the Jets with a scattered defense in the middle.

The team tried to compensate this by shuffling Darron Lee and Demario Davis, along with safety Marcus Maye. In the shotgun formation, Derek Carr moved Patterson close by, followed by the Jets cornerback. This left Patterson alone on the second level of the defense of the New York team, right in the middle of their field. Carr forwarded it to Patterson, who went up the middle. Rodney Hudson and Kelechi Osemele threw their blocks; Osemele managed to push Lee about 5 years of the scrimmage line. The setting left a hole which was ideal for Patterson who managed to rush towards the touchdown zone. Adams tried to give chase but to no avail as the 43-yard touchdown was scored.

This placed the Raiders up 28 to 13 who regained control from an early push by the New York team. The Jets continued with their problems at the line of scrimmage with insufficient down linemen, along with having Jordan Jenkins, a linebacker, set up the line. Darron Lee was right behind Kony Ealy while Demario Davis was set up over the potential left tackle. Before the snap, Carr signaled in tight end Jared Cook, which brought Jamal Adams, a safety, into the box. The play went to Jalen Richard, a running back, but the Raiders managed to block this perfectly.

At the center, Hudson and Marshall Newhouse managed to pull on the play. In fact, Hudson ended up blasting Lee with so much force he was knocked off his feel. Cook managed to block down and double-team Ealy with Gabe Jackson, the team’s right guard. This gave Richard a gap that he could cut right into. Marcus Maye had a terrible angle which allowed Richard to develop his full speed and make a 52-yard touchdown. The Jets were once more in the possession of the ball after that touchdown, but the Oakland Coliseum had been already on its feet.

The game was practically over, with a chance for the Jets to make it less disastrous. They decided to spread the field with their wide receivers and safety Karl Joseph set about five yards from the line of scrimmage. He successfully blitzed during the third quarter which led to a sack. With only two defensive linemen and two additional linebackers, Oakland was ready. Denico Autry was breathing on the neck on the Jets right tackle and as soon as the ball snapped, Autry was in the zone coverage. At the same time, Joseph blitzed and Josh McCowns never saw him coming. Joseph got to him, got the ball loose and then swiftly recovered it. A few plays later the Raiders scored another touchdown and the complete rout of the Jets was truly on.

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