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Leslie Treff

Treff: A New Hockey Season Is Upon Us

Neil Miller/Sportsday Wire

Welcome to New York Sportsday’s coverage of the 2017-18 hockey season. We have covered all three New York area NHL teams over the years and plan to continue that coverage/analysis from some of the best experienced writers in the New York area. Our main hockey writers are members of the Professional Hockey Writers Association, who have spent many years covering the sport, and they will continue to write for us. In addition, we have added some young new blood–young men and women who will provide a fresh view of the NHL, the three New York area teams, and their young prospects.

And when we have opinions about things that are going on in hockey—not necessarily strictly New York—you are going to hear about that too. But do not mistake us for a hockey gossip rag—NY Sportsday will never become that. But, we certainly have opinions and ideas about what is happening in the game and we want you to hear them and to discuss topical hockey issues.

As part of the pre-season, the NHL held a press conference last week to announce a “Declaration of Principles.” The essence of these principles is that hockey is for everyone, “regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and socio-economic status.” And that the greatest value of the sport is the development of character and life skills.

Although most of the NHL’s declaration is directed toward those on the ice, there is much in these principles to guide all of us who care about the sport–not only in how we approach our relationship to hockey, but also in how we approach our lives.

Whether it is the group thrill of winning or the acceptance of reaching one’s limits, hockey has a lot to teach all of us. And it was great to hear the NHL commit to the principles below. If there was one thing we could add to it, it would be that all of us should remember not to confuse hockey play and/or coaches decisions with anyone’s character.

We will commit to all these principles at NY Sportsday. We hope that you will too. Now, let’s start the season.

Leslie Treff
Hockey Editor

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