Bryce Petty Injured But Not Out

Bryce Petty and the Jets can resume normal breathing again.

The 26-year old quarterback left Saturday night’s preseason loss to the Giants with a left knee injury. The fear was Petty may have torn ligaments in the knee when he got caught up under offensive lineman Ben Braden.

Petty’s obvious concern after the game didn’t do much to ease those fears either.

The Jets have been focused on giving second-year man Chrisitan Hackenberg enough reps to convince them he’s ready. Petty, meanwhile, has been quietly waiting for his time and looking to make the most of his opportunities.

He was doing just that against the Giants.

Petty came on in the second half and threw for 250 yards on 15 of 18 passing, with three touchdowns against the Giants second unit. It was, by far, his best statistical showing as an NFL quarterback.

Then came the injury.

But an MRI on Sunday helped team doctors diagnose Petty with a sprain of his MCL, the grade 1 version. This is the best-case scenario Petty and the Jets were hoping for.

The Jets, three weeks into preseason, faced the possibility of having to sign another veteran quarterback. Petty’s not only trying to fight for his roster spot, his performance against the Giants may have raised his stock in the competition for starter.

The Jets wrap up their preseason schedule this Thursday against the Eagles, at MetLife Stadium.

The fourth game of the preseason is normally devoted for the second unit and players fighting for roster spots. The Jets, however, still have a gaping hole at the quarterback position. Head coach Todd Bowles is expected to name his week 1 starter early this week.

All signs seem to point towards Josh McCown getting the nod.

The chances of seeing McCown on the field Thursday should be slim to none, this leaves Hackenberg and Petty.
Petty avoided serious injury against the Giants. It remains to be seen how Bowles approaches the preseason finale with him.

Do the Jets play him or does Hackenberg get an entire game to give the Jets one last look at him before the games count for real?

Stay tuned.


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