Scout’s Eye: Mets trade Granderson for ???

And so it is written and so it is done. It was inevitable that the Mets were going to unload one of their right fielders this year. The talk began at the winter meetings, yet it took until their total collapse now to finally do it. But I don’t believe anyone expected them to unload both Jay Bruce and now Curtis Granderson this year. Granderson is one of the classiest guys in baseball and will be missed on this team of confused underachievers. He never quit, always played 100% and never complained about being hurt or being on a losing team. Never whined about anything and worked with young players all the time. Showing them how to be a big league ballplayer. I am happy that he was traded to the Dodgers where he has a chance to get a world series ring.

So off to LA he goes for a player to be named later and maybe some cash. Again we see the same pattern of selling off a player and getting little or nothing for the future in return. The Mets have trimmed their payroll by a few million in the past month which will help the Wilpons pay for the maintenance on one of their yachts. I get the feeling Sandy Anderson is becoming Sargent Schultz of Hogan’s Hero’s as he is put in the position of having to explain his trades by saying “I Know Nothing, I See Nothing, I Say Nothing.” Some of you youngsters will have to look that one up. Hey give me a break, I have run out of ways to make comparisons to dumb things as it concerns the Mets this year.

I have to go over the roster tonight and see who is left on this team that was picked to be a contender by so many of us at the beginning of the year. My friend Sam in security at the will call window could be next. But seriously, other than Bruce, where they got Ryder Ryan, what did you expect in return for any of these veterans? Oh, you never heard of Ryder Ryan? Me either. When you give up your best hitter this year you expect something just a tad better than the 30th round pick in the 2016 draft, (#902 overall) This is not a fire sale for a rebuild, it is a salary dump with no expectations for the near future.

The Metropolitans do not and honestly can not afford to give up any of their good young players. They need to acquire some and that was just impossible with the group they had to offer. Like I have said in the past, If you want Filet Mignon you have to give up Filet Mignon. And the Mets only had chop meat in the refrigerator. The only way they could have gotten some really good prospects for the future, was if they had the guts to unload Yoenis Céspedes and or Jacob deGrom. Fat chance of that happening.

Take a deep breath Mets fans, it is only going to get worse over the next few years. Sit back, relax and listen to the band play relaxing music. Just know that it is the band on the Titanic. 

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