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Inside Tennis With The Koz will be airing a premier show Sat August 19, 12:30 PM on SNN TV. The show will feature the 2017 Little MO Internationals from Newport Beach, CA sharing a story how 12-time Slam champion Novak Djokovic, via FaceTime, comforted an eight-year old player – minutes after the youngster had just lost a match.  The award-winning 30-minute magazine style show will also highlight a look-back at the memorial 2002 US Open tribute to the 9/11Tragedy. At the 2002 US Open, a 21-year old Roger Federer talks about how he thinks that he might have “what it takes” to be a great player.  The episode also shares Florida resident and former WTA number one-ranked doubles player Corina Morari’s return to the US Open after she had battled leukemia. During the episode John McEnroe imparts his thoughts of the players’ support of the 9/11 tribute.  On a very light note, Nick Bollettieri shares his 86th birthday note with his fans. 

Tennis tips are presented by legendary coach Wayne Bryan and Lakewood Ranch’s Chris Marquez.

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