Scout’s Eye: Mets Set Jay Bruce Loose To Cleveland

This is how much Jay Bruce was worth to the Mets. They got Ryder Ryan, a 22 year old RHP, 6’2” – 205 lb. who has pitched a total of 60 innings, with an ERA of 4.50 over his first two years of pro ball. He left the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill after his Sophomore year. He was the 902nd pick over all in the 30th round. He was also drafted out of high school by Cleveland in the 40th round of the 2014 draft. He pitched one inning in two years at NC. He was used sparingly as a hitter, appearing in 33 games over his last two years for the Tarheels. He did not find much success as a hitter. But he was clocked at 97 in HS and thus the Indians felt he could turn into a decent pitcher. You see, if you can throw a ball 97 mph, people think you can pitch. Well they at least think they may be able to teach you how. Good luck with that one.

Guess it’s better than nothing. Just he fact that the Mets are beginning to become engaged in trades is encouraging. Don’t expect to see this guy Ryan at Citi Field in the near future. Matter of fact, I would be surprised if he gets out of AA ball before he gets a job in something other than baseball. He should be strictly an organizational guy. That is someone who every team needs, to fill a roster at various levels of their minor league teams, so the better prospects have a place to play. Sometimes there is a surprise find at the bottom of the draft like Michael Joseph Piazza. But don’t hold your breath over that happening here.

The Mets and their fans are just happy to see Bruce go. Nice guy, but both he and the Mets fan base never hit it off. Bruce has hit 20 or more home runs ten times in his career including 29 this year for the Mets. 270 home runs over a ten year big league career so far? You do the math. This is a guy who can help a team win a pennant and he is actually having a decent year. I think the Mets could have gotten more. For whatever reason, he just never quite got comfortable in Queens. Getting off to such a bad start when he came over from the Reds last year didn’t help. He was booed mercilessly yet remained a class act. I wish him well.

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