Scout’s Eye: A Sonny (Gray) Day For The Yankees

Today the Yankees acquired Sonny Gray plus $1.5 million international bonus slot cash from the Oakland A’s in exchange for outfielder Dustin Fowler, shortstop-outfielder Jorge Mateo and right-hander James Kaprielian. That to me is what the trading deadline is all about. Each team got what they wanted. The A’s are the perennial sellers as they know that they can not afford to pay players that become free agents. The interesting thing in this case though is their willingness to part with Gray when he is not a free agent until 2020. He is also only making $3.57 million per year for the length of his contract.

What are the A’s thinking about in dealing their 27 year-old star? They must be thinking about him being prone to injuries and the haul they are getting from the Yankees is probably more that they figure they will get in the next 2 years. If they wait for him to leave in 2020, they will at best get one pick in the draft. Now they have three really good prospects to bring along to the ranch. The A’s are like cattle farmers as they keep raising good young calves and making them into Filet Mignon.  Where they keep selling them off to replenish their heard.

The Yankees have enough good prospects in their system and can afford to make this deal. Sony Gray, is a seasoned twenty seven year old front to middle of the rotation big league starter that has had success. That kind of player doesn’t come along too often in trade talks. He will help to keep the Yankees at the top of the American League East. Plus they will have him cheap for the next two years.  And you know what they say in baseball, if you want Filet Mignon you have to give up Filet Mignon. Also remember, those kids are still unproven prospects, albeit good ones. We will be seeing them in the big leagues very soon. As Yankee prospects they would have been held back or been on that shuttle from Trenton or Scranton. There is a log jamb of good players now with this team at the positions they play. I would have liked to of see Kaprielian on the big league stage in the next few years in New York. I like this deal for both teams. The work of Brian Cashman over the past two years is worthy of executive of the year honors. If this team is successful over the next 10 years, he could one day end up having a plaque in monument park. Along with “The Stick” Gene Michael.

If anything, it keeps the juices flowing for Yankee fans. The remainder of this season will be interesting. Some players will get hot and others will get cold. Others will surprise us and then there will be the ones who disappoint. Injuries will come into play and players coming back from the DL will get into the mix. So hold onto your seats people, we are just getting to the peak of the roller coaster

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