Negron’s Impact: Anthony Scaramucci is Looking Out

Anthony Scaramucci now walks with President Trump and we are better off for it. Whenever I reached out to Anthony he was always there for me. He helped to make my radio show on Espn Deportes a better and more interesting show.

I loved reading the story on CNBC about Anthony Scaramucci. I was even more excited to see the quotes from my longtime friend and mentor, Alfred Zaccagnino. Alfred said “One of the most likeable traits of Anthony Scaramucci is that he willingly gives his time, attention and courtesy to a wealth of his relations, whether personal or business, and whether they’re highest level parties, or mediocre.”

I’ve personally seen this proven at Skybridge’s SALT conference year after year. As the White House Communications Director he will be able to really help the President keep a handle on things and give the office of the President the prestige that it’s really supposed to have.

Selfishly I will miss him. I will miss his knowledge in sports that he brought to the show and I will miss how he could give and take fun loving banter with Reggie Jackson. I know how busy he will be but I hope he can find the time to come on the show again. Anthony really was a big fan favorite on ESPN Impact. Even though he was always on demand at Fox and CNBC, he always found the time to come to our show and have fun with us. He never saw us as the “little guy.” Thank you Anthony, we will always be grateful for that. I know our country needs you more.

Anthony is a good man who has a great sense of humor. When he told me that he owned a small piece of the Mets I told him,that doesn’t necessarily make you a bad guy. Naturally we had a good laugh over it.

On the other hand when he found out that my son Ricky had been drafted in the Major League Baseball draft but not assigned a team he showed concern for a young mans dream.

It’s not like Anthony and I are close friends, of course we’re not. However that tells me that he has concerns for all people and the White House situation is in better hands. A good choice by the President for a good man.

I’m just gonna have to dig deeper to find other good guest for my show on ESPN Deportes Impact . The only bilingual radio show in sports and entertainment.

What the heck, I figured I’d give the show a free plug.

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