Negron’s Impact: Just Like Bogey and Bacall, The Making of “Stano”

One of the poorest congressional districts in the United States happens to be the Bronx, Yet it’s funny that some of the greatest times in this city seem to happen in poor little Bronx.

Whether it’s the Yankees winning 27 World Championships, the circus performing here or the fact that some of the greatest performers and world leaders were born here in the Bronx.  People like Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Academy Award Winner Burt Lancaster, and television host Regis Philbin or me.

There have also been a lot of movies filmed in the Bronx, too many to mention. On Tuesday, the Bronx was “burning again” when people were running up and down Arthur Avenue saying that Joe and Sofia were in the neighborhood. For you non movie fans, Joe is Joe Manganiello and Sofia is Sofia Vergara. (By the way they also happen to be married.) They are in the Bronx filming a movie called “Stano.”

Stano is about a Bronx boy with a dream and how the facts of life sometimes can derail our dreams. Stano is a film about Love, strength, vision and desire.

After reading the script, I knew that I had to be a part of this as an associate producer. After meeting the writer, Robert Bruzio, feeling his heart and soul and finding out how he formulated this story, I knew this film would be a winner. I heard that Manganiello and his brother Nick were producers in this project and that told me just how much they believed in this film. I was told that Sofia was doing this film and also working on her TV show Modern Family pretty much at the same time. Not too many actors would do this unless they thought the project was really very special.  The film is being produced by Lynn Hendee and Bill Chartoff of the famous Chartoff Hollywood production company which brought us all of the Rocky classics and last year brought us the very popular big hit “Creed.” 

Another one of the producers in the film is Robert Molloy, the Grandson of the great NY Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. I guess this tells you that the film has a little bit of a baseball twist to it–I won’t say.

The film will be in production from now until mid-September with scenes also being shot in Staten Island.
I must congratulate Screen writer Robert Bruzio on his first film. I worked with Neil Simon on the film “The Sluggers Wife” and at that time Simon had already done a dozen films but he was still extremely nervous on the set. I can only imagine what Robert is going through!

Thank you Joe and Sofia for bringing class and dignity to my beloved Bronx.

My Boss, George Steinbrenner would have been proud of both of you and the Chartoff group for bringing this project to the Bronx.

Joe and Sofia will always remind me of Bogey and Bacall….great actors with great hearts. When you watch the old Bertie Higgins music video Key Largo, you can’t help but to think of Joe and Sofia. Being an old movie romantic, I only hope that their romance is just like Bogey and Bacall.

Not to take anything away from the great Chazz Palminteri but I guess this is just another Bronx Tale!
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