Scout’s Eye: Mets Sandy Alderson Just Can’t Clean Out The Attic

Ever go into your attic with the determination to get rid of stuff you have been storing for years? Things that are old and worn out. Things that had been very useful in the past that you can’t use anymore? You look at them one more time and just can’t part with them. They hold so many good memories and remind you of what used to be. So you go back downstairs and sit in your easy chair and reminisce about the past.

Boy oh boy, those were the days. Then you just sit and wait for someone to walk through the door and give you new and better stuff. Don’t tell me you haven’t done that. Don’t tell me that Mets GM extraordinaire Sandy Alderson isn’t doing that. He has sat in that easy chair now since 2015. Waiting for something to happen. No tweaking his pennant winner in the 2016 season and lets face it, he went into the bear den this winter to nap with “Smokey.”

With deals made by the White Sox with the Red Sox over the winter and in the past week with the Cubs and Yankees, Sox GM Rick Hahn has put his team in a similar position that the Astros did a few years ago. You know, the young and talented 63-31 .670 Astros who may see their very first world series championship this year. The Mets have players that can help other teams now who want to make a run at the post season. Teams are willing to give up good prospects in exchange for someone who could help them. The Mets farm system is at best, middle of the road in the amount of projectable major league talent for the future right now. I hate to break the news to everyone, but Tim Tebow is not the answer. They will make a few deals, but the well is drying out because of deals that have already happened. What are the Mets waiting for?

Sure, Todd Frazier is a nice pick-up for the Yankees, but a lefty first baseman with home run power in Yankee Stadium would have been a better fit. Especially one who is hot right now. Lucas Duda could have been part of some kind of deal with their crosstown rivals for a good prospect or two. I know, no one ever wants to hear that the Yankees and Mets helped each other. But like Vito Corleone once said, “It’s just business.”

The Mets and their front office brain trust, have done nothing significant to improve their team over the past few years. Cespedes although an amazing talent was not the answer unless he was surrounded by a few other impact players. They could have made an effort this winter by signing free agent power hitter Edwin Encarnación or any other number of free agents. Is it still a money issue with the Wilpons? Are they throwing Alderson under the bus by restricting him with the spending to the point where he has had to pass on free agents? Even so, trades cost nothing like free agents do. Heck, they could even ask for money in return for a player. Money that the Wilpons could use to buy another Yacht.

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