Scout’s Eye: Hey Yankee Fans, “What Me Worry?”

The recent melt down of Dellin Betances in the last few weeks was interesting. It was never anything more than a concern. Worry is what you do for what has happened to Matt Harvey. Concern for “possible worry,” is Noah Syndergaard and what he will look like when he gets back on the hill in a major league game. Betances has become a seasoned pro and worked through his problems with the help of guru pitching coach Larry Rothschild. Mechanics either physical or mental are doable fixes. Season ending injuries are things to worry about.

As the Yankees continue to let their golden prospects get their feet wet, fans are beginning to think they are seeing the birth of the next run of Yankee championships. They have so many good young prospects on the farms, that when two of their top prospects, Dustin Fowler and Gleyber Torres recently went down to weird season ending injuries, the word “worry” never came up. As a matter of fact, teams were still calling the Yankees inquiring about the availability of Torres as recently as last week. The Yankees have put themselves in a good place as they build from within. Something they haven’t done since the early nineties.

Through good scouting and draft signings as well as some crafty trades last year, they have taken the “worry” word out of the future of their franchise. Brian Cashman has been brilliant in his crafting a new core four. Heck, it looks like it could be a core seven or more for the next fifteen years. We have been seeing an onslaught of position players recently. Get ready, you haven’t seen the crop of potential big league arms they are grooming in the minors. Remember these names: Ronaldo Herrera, Domingo German, Chance Adams, Justus Sheffield, Domingo Acevedo, and James Kaprielian.

There is only enough room for so many players, so some of this wealth of prospects will inevitably be used in trades for what pieces they will need to complete the picture. The Yankees will form another team like they had over the past twenty years. They are also coming down to the wire with those outrageous, multi year, over priced contracts they own. They look to have the beginnings of a solid home grown group as they approach a meaty free agent market, over the next few years. They shouldn’t have to feel pressured into signing anyone. You can almost hear the bleacher bums chanting “Harper…Harper…Harper” as he turns to tip his cap.

Yankee Fans worry? I think not. The only thing the Yankees have to worry about, is if they will have to take away more seats in center field, when they enlarge “Monument Park” to accommodate all the numbers they will want to retire from this group.

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