Scout’s Eye: The Mets Sunset Isn’t So Pretty

Oh no, is there something in the water in New York that is causing the Mets and now the Yankees to be infected with the dreaded, “Injury virus?” At least none of the beer venders have gone down this year. In all fairness to Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins, you can’t blame too much on them when it comes to the rash of injuries the Mets have had. And yesterday’s freak injury to the Yankee’s Gleyber Torres came from out of nowhere. You have to feel bad for the kid, he was headed to the Bronx in July no matter what Brian Cashman says. The only one besides the Red Sox and Orioles who are happy about this Yankee injury, is Chase Headley. He was headed for the glue factory and instead is now sitting solid at third base. He could possibly get hot now as he has less pressure on him. Stranger things have happened. The thought of a young stallion breathing down your neck as you head for the finish line of your career, is pressure personified. Seriously, don’t be surprised if he gets his second wind for the next month or two.

As for the Mets, They are wrapped in newspaper and should be sleeping with the fishes soon. What a train wreck. In describing their season, I think I have reached the legal limit on mean spirited, sarcastic sports clichés for a baseball year. It comes out of frustration, as I see a brilliant young pitching staff and over-all decent group of amazing athletes, struggle to keep their heads above water. Tonight out here in LA LA land, they scored six runs off of Clayton Kershaw. Yes, six runs off of the new Sandy Koufax. Four of them coming on home runs, two by Jose Reyes. Six hits, six runs and four homers off of the best pitcher in baseball over the past nine years. What a great night for the Met’s lineup. Screech! Wait a minute, put the breaks on everyone, what’s the final score? Ten to six? Dodgers win? How could that happen?

Here is how that happened, Zack Wheeler could not get to the third inning as he gave up seven runs on eight hits, three of them on home runs. Guess that thick Los Angeles smog cleared up before game time, allowing balls to fly like helium balloons out of Dodger stadium tonight. This is a Dodger team that the Mets would have to beat out to get to the wild card. Or the team they would face if the impossible would ever happen and they are the wild card. I believe you have a better chance of finding a dirty dog in clean water under the ‘L’ than seeing that happen.

The Met’s line-up scored enough runs to beat Kershaw and should have won tonight. Sorry to say but, even though there are 93 more games for the boys from Queens, they do not have the pitching needed to get them to the promise land. The “Fab Five” starting rotation has been decimated by injuries. There closer is also gone due to injury and their bullpen has been nothing more than cows. The Dodgers scored ten runs on seventeen hits tonight. They are capable of doing that every night and the Mets still have three more games here in LA. Not a pleasant thought for them. The Mets are beginning to see the sun set in the west on their season.

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