Scout’s Eye: Still Not Time To Panic In Queens

What a mess this year in Queens and I am not just talking about all the pot holes. The lovable true blue collar team has turned into something out of the Cuckoo’s nest this year. Fans with rally caps on in the ninth inning down seven to nothing, Mr Met making an obscene gesture at fans. What’s next, the alien spaceship from “Men in Black” landing in in center field?

Well as alien as it may sound, the Mets could be looking at a better second half. They should be getting guys off the DL and with a good trade or two, they could give their fans a more respectable team. Hey, how about trading Mr. Met for the San Diego chicken?  Except for Washington, the National League East is not that good. We can see that the Mets are the best of the worst in this division. Not that it makes things any better, but at least it makes you feel better when they are in second place in the standings.  Making the playoffs? Well that could be asking for a bit too much.

You can’t blame anyone in particular for all the mishaps. They thought the team would be solid this year. According to every baseball expert, coming into the season they had the best five man rotation in baseball  They had just signed one of the best power hitters in baseball in Yoenis Cespedes. Curtis Granderson and Jay Bruce would be sharing right field and there would be no need to rush Michael Conforto. Jeurys Familia would be the closer after serving a short suspension. Jose Reyes would move to third in place of David Wright where he would lead off, get on, steal a base and set the offense up to get a bunch of runs for that brilliant pitching staff. The only question for that staff would be which one of them would win the Cy Young award this year. Who would of thought that the roof would get pulled off by a hurricane of weird injuries?

Injuries happen and this will all go away. When that happens, all will be fine in the house that Ruth built. Oh wait that is the other house. This is the house that the fans built. The loyal fans who do put on rally caps down by seven runs with two outs in the ninth. The fans who will show up for every game, spend an insane amount of money for a beer and hotdog and watch games in a typhoon.

Anything could happen, good or bad. We have seen the bad and boy has it been bad. So maybe something good could come out of all of this. There could be someone in the farm system who could surprise everyone and become the next Aaron Judge for them. It is only June first, it’s a long way to the finish line, never say never, don’t give up the ship, hope is on the way. Then again, maybe they have a better shot at discovering a few of those aliens that landed in center field who can throw 105 mph fastballs with life and command, hit 450 foot homers and close out games like Mariano. I have a feeling that next month we will be saying, “Let’s not panic, It’s only July first.”

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