Willie Negron is Helping to Make Hoop Dreams Come True for Young Ballers

As owner and general manager for the semi-professional New York Lightning basketball team, Willie Negron is always looking for opportunities for his talent to showcase their skills in hopes of landing a position on a professional team. That opportunity came up recently, as Coach Willie, as he is affectionately known as, sent four of his players to a recent showcase in Mount Vernon, New York.

Gamble Sports Management held its fourth annual men’s basketball showcase at Hopperstown earlier this month with coaches, agents, and scouts in attendance from as far away as Europe and Latin America. The showcases are designed to offer college seniors and free agents a chance to secure contracts with overseas teams. We spoke with Charles Gamble, () about the showcase.

Tyrone Mitchell had the following to say. “I’m trying to get a contract and Willie Negron.”
“Willie’s an honorable guy. He lives up to his word and puts people in good situations.”

Anthony Baker said “It means a lot. Throughout my whole career, nobody’s really had faith in me but me,” adding “Willie having faith in me just gives me so much extra confidence and makes me work harder every day.”

Charles Jones seemed extremely appreciate of the support from Negron. Coach Willie is a great guy, he told me to come out and show my talents. With the confidence of my teammates with the New York Lightning, they gave me the confidence to come out and do what I had to do.”

Coach Willie works had to stay in communication with his players, Jones says. “He stays in contact with me every day to make sure we are always on the same page,” adding the Coach Willie is the guy to call when you need information on available opportunities in the basketball world.

Though no contracts have been secured for his four players as of yet, Coach Willie still believes in all of the players on the New York Lightning. Through tireless effort and the use of his own resources, Coach Willie is helping to make hoop dreams come true for many young basketball players.

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