The Triangle Offense Is Killing The Knicks According To Fran Frashilla

On Tuesday afternoon, ESPN college basketball analysts Fran Fraschilla and Jeff Goodman gave their pre-NBA Draft analysis in front of media members. In a more prospect specific conference call, one thing notably stuck out for New York basketball fans.

The “triangle offense” is essentially killing the Knicks.

After going through different prospects and talking about how Malik Monk will only be a great scorer off the bench, Fraschilla mentioned how the New York Knicks offensive system limits them as far as draft picks are concerned.



The statement came about from Fraschilla while he was talking about possible lottery pick, Frank Ntilikina. The 6’5 Frenchman is considered by many to be a potential star at point guard. After dominating the French league, it will be interesting to see how Frank Ntilikina to the more talented NBA.

Backtrack to Freschilla’s statement, however, and notice that he said the Knicks offense is a dying system. Throughout the year, Phil Jackson’s offensive scheme has been forced down the throat of the Knicks this season. This circus, among other things, has led Knicks players such as Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis to be frustratingly irritated with the team’s front office.

This NBA Draft will show a lot about where the Knicks are heading. Will Melo be traded for draft picks? Does Jackson gut the team and rebuild around Porzingis? Or, if the Knicks win the lottery, can someone like Markelle Fultz thrive in this offensive system?

According to NBC Sports Kurt Helin, the Knicks are eying Ntilikina, Monk, or Monk’s Kentucky teammate De’Aaron Fox with their first round pick. With whomever they pick, the central question will be does Jackson take the best pick for his system or the best player overall?

The NBA Draft is often curtain tailed around the players, but this year, it will all be about the future direction of the New York Knicks.

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