Jim Boeheim, David Stern Among Investors in New Sports Video Platform

When you think of cutting edge technology, investors like David Stern and Jim Boeheim don’t normally jump to mind as the first names you think of. However those two bold face names are among the investors in a new sports tech video startup called SportsCastr.Live, which announced its Beta launch on Wednesday.

The venture is a live streaming platform that allows users to be color commentators and enables viewers to select which sportscaster they wish to have call, recap or make predictions on a game. Its ease and back-end technology will give any fan the ability to have a professional look in calling games from wherever they are, generating millions of authentic videos and helping anyone be in a live video conversation as live events occur. The business is expected to scale over the course of months, with a larger scale rollout later this summer.

While the former NBA Commissioner has kept himself busy with a number of tech investments since leaving the NBA, this might be a first for the legendary Syracuse coach, whose interest seem to have always been about what goes on on the hardwood, not off it. He is joined by another prominent Syracuse alum, Donald Schupak, who was the former owner of the Spirits of St. Louis of the NBA and has been involved in a number of strategic investments outside of sports over the years.

“When it comes to game broadcasts, fans want what they want, on whatever device they want, whenever they want it.’ Now, SportsCastr.Live adds a whole new dimension by giving viewers another choice: announced by whomever they want…even if it is themselves,” said Stern in a statement. “Think about it: you can stream the game, watch it in VR, get real-time stats and info, etc. Now you can choose your broadcaster and that person has access to all the bells and whistles necessary to deliver a ‘network quality’ broadcast.”

SportsCastr.Live is currently in public beta and is available for free on the iTunes App Store. Users can also access the platform via the web at https://sportscastr.live/.

Once again legends of hoops are redefining themselves in a new, engaged ways.

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