Record $1.48 Million Jackpot Up For Grabs at Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway; Life Changer Soared Past Howard G’s $1.47 Million

A new record jackpot is looming very, very large at Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway. Last Monday, the Wheel of Fortune life-changer soared to $1,480,045, a record in waiting! The all-time Empire City and New York racetrack casino jackpot will eclipse the previous record hit by Howard Gershowitz of Suffolk County, Long Island ($1,473,503 on October 25, 2015).

Meanwhile, Howard G. remains in the “slot-light” as advertising pitchman for Empire City’s new television ad campaign entitled “Real Winners, Real Money, Real Deal.” (View the commercial at

This record-breaker is ripe again for winning and is only available on two Wheel of Fortune slots at Empire City Casino. Who will be the next Howard G.!

The Wheel of Fortune Triple Star slot machine – one of the most popular slot machines in the world. There have been many television show-themed slots that have attempted to bring the action from the screen to the slot world, but none have succeeded in the dazzling style of Wheel of Fortune, which has captivated gamblers for years with high jackpots and spinning money wheels.

When this latest jackpot is hit, it will give Wheel of Fortune “bragging rights” to the three highest jackpots in the history of the Yonkers casino and six of the top 10 highest jackpots. Three Bally slot machines – Hot Shots, Blazing 7’s and Stars & Bars – can also boast major scores ranging from nearly $250,000 to $571,000, all ranking in the top 10 jackpots at Empire City Casino.

This past November, Linda H. of Thornwood, New York, took home a $961,411.81 jackpot also from a Wheel of Fortune slot machine – the second largest in the ten-year history of Empire City. Linda’s hit eclipsed the $571,049 score won by former runner-up Manuel Esteche in February of 2015 on the Blazing 7’s.

Empire City recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and ranks as the sixth largest casino floor in the country, including Las Vegas and Indian casinos nationwide. More than 8 million visitors a year try their luck at Empire City Casino, hoping to hit one of the many six-figure jackpots on the behemoth gaming floor.

“Right now there are 11 six-figure jackpots ready for the taking at Empire City, almost half of them above $300,000 including the $1.48 million life-changer,” says Ryan Munroe, Empire City’s director of gaming operations. “With over 5,200 slot machines available, there’s no need to travel far when you can win this kind of money so close to home.”

At the time of this writing, six-figure jackpots at Empire City range from just over $100,000 to more than $1.4 million on slots with minimum bets from one cent to ten dollars. To be eligible to win the top jackpot, a player must make the maximum bet on the machine.

Current Six-Figure Jackpots Available at Empire City


Jackpot                         Game Theme                   Minimum Bet*              Maximum Bet
$1,480,045                  Wheel of Fortune           $10.00                         $20.00
$382,781                        Betty Boop                         $0.01                           $5.00
$326,363                        Wheel of Fortune              $5.00                           $10.00
$310,108                        Hot Shots                            $0.01                           $3.00
$305,835                        Hot Shots                                $0.01                           $2.50
$193,786                        Fireball                                     $0.01                           $2.00
$171,667                        Titanic                                      $0.01                           $4.00
$171,504                        Michael Jackson                  $0.05                           $3.00
$137,543                        Wheel of Fortune           $5.00                           $10.00   
$124,966                        Wheel of Fortune           $1.00                           $6.00
$107,996                        Nascar                                      $0.01                           $3.20
If the current top Wheel of Fortune jackpot is not hit before it exceeds the amount of Howard G.’s win of $1,473,503.54, the lucky winner who takes it home will be celebrated as the new highest jackpot winner at any of the state’s racetrack casinos.
Top 10 Jackpots in Empire City Casino History
Date Won         Jackpot            Min. Bet      Game Theme       Winner         Hometown
10/25/2015       $1,473,503.54     $10.00      Wheel of Fortune    Howard G.   Suffolk County, NY
11/16/2016        $961,411.81       $5.00      Wheel of Fortune     Linda H.       Thornwood, NY
2/27/2015          $571,049.65       $0.01       Hot Shots (WAP)    Manuel E.     Portchester, NY
11/14/2014        $509,121.96       $5.00       Wheel of Fortune    Moosue S.    Bergenfield, NJ
2/5/2016            $388,311.84       $0.01       Blazing 7’s         Tracie B.     New Jersey
9/11/2016          $332,654.62       $1.00      Wheel of Fortune      Santa N.     Union, NJ
8/11/2016          $320,000.00     $100.00  3x4x5 Double Diamond Tommy Yorktown Heights, NY
11/11/2015        $272,745.47       $10.00    Wheel of Fortune       Maria V.     undisclosed
9/21/2009          $247,273.07       $0.25          Stars & Bars          James O.      undisclosed
2/24/2015          $222,459.74       $5.00      Wheel of Fortune      Ella               undisclosed



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