NY Sports Day Q & A With Robert Gsellman

PHILADELPHIA – Robert Gsellman came out of nowhere last season and helped save the Mets season. Called up in August, this 23 year-old went 4-2 with a 2.42 ERA in eight games for the Met, filling in for injured pitchers like Jacob deGrom and Steven Matz.

This season, Gsellman came into Port St. Lucie as the No. 7 pitcher on the roster, but a strong spring earned him the No. 5 spot in the rotation.

The other day, NYSD caught up to the Mets rookie pitcher to find out more about him.

NY Sports Day: Going into spring training what was the mentality you took to win a spot in the rotation?

Robert Gsellman: Just go out and do what I can do. Just have fun and don’t think about the results. Do what you got to do.

NYSD: Over the winter, what did you do to prepare for the season?

RG: I needed to get my shoulder right, so I could swing the bat again. I just tried to get myself into shape, so I can get better and more mature. Just try help the team.

NYSD: Was it tough last year not being able to swing the bat?

RG: It was very frustrating to go up there and look at pitches. And then you had to lay down the bunt with a couple of runners on. That’s the worst part. Now I’m able to swing, so it’s a lot more fun in the box.

NYSD: What’s it like rooming with Noah Syndergaard?

RG: You can learn a lot from him. He’s one of the best pitchers in baseball, so you can learn a lot. You just talk about things about baseball and it’s helping me learn.

NYSD: I hope you are a Game of Thrones fan…

RG: He put me onto it, but I haven’t watched it. I heard a lot of good things about it, so I’m going to start.

NYSD: You will be watching it every Sunday night.

RG: Yeah (Laughs).

NYSD: You said you made an adjustment the other day during your first start. What was the exact adjustment?

RG: I was rocking my shoulders a little too much, so I couldn’t catch up with my delivery. In the fourth and fifth innings, my shoulders were more relaxed, so my arm could catch up with my delivery. It was a lot smoother mechanics.

NYSD: Who caught that?

RG: I noticed I was doing it and (Pitching Coach Dan Warthen) said something. I shook my head, because I could feel it. I took it to the mound in the fourth inning. It made a big difference.

NYSD: What are you doing differently now adjusting to the league?

RG: Just try to stay out of patterns and try to get the batters out. The same thing I did last year. Have fun and not try to do too much.

NYSD: How much of a surprise was it when you were called up last year?

RG: Everyone was shocked. This is the ultimate goal. I was pretty proud of myself being called up last year.

NYSD: How hard was it to pitch in Las Vegas. It’s not easy for pitchers.

RG: Definitely not easy. Challenges are good. They make you a better player. You definitely have to get the ball down. You just have to keep it down in the zone and not complain if the hitters get to you.

NYSD: Any goals for this season?

RG: To win. Nobody likes losing. I want to win.

NYSD: Is there a place you haven’t played at last season you are looking forward to playing this season?

RG: Every park I haven’t pitched it. I’m excited pitching in LA, my hometown. That’s about it.  


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