Mancuso: Hold On: Mayweather-McGregor Long Shot Of Hype

You want hype and you have it because this talk of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor trading fists is a long shot. Unless the undefeated and retired  Mayweather needs the money there is no fight on the table with the UFC fighter who has been on the mat many times in a cage.

So where do we stand with his hyped talk and proposals that are supposedly on the table? Mayweather said again this week he is not coming out of retirement, though we have heard that numerous times from a once retired fighter over the years.

McGregor? That’s another story because there is Dana White and a contract that stands in the way because the reputed boss of UFC has made it known there is a contract that McGregor has with four more obligations.

The specifics of White having to be the key principle for this fight to happen, and the $100 million or more price tag that gets in the category, surpassing the mega fluke of a fight we witnessed with Mayweather and Pacquiao, and all that can be done is speculation.

At the moment this is all talk. We are aware Mayweather has reached out to McGregor and because his mentality of ego is as bad as the guy that occupies the White House, there will always be talk. Mayweather has always been his best promoter and he is doing it on the other side with good fights cards in conjunction with the PBC boxing group.

A high ranking official with the Nevada State Athletic Commission which would be in the running to sanction the fight said to this columnist, “This fight is not happening.  There are too many obstacles that will prevent it but one never knows with Mayweather.”

Regardless of where and when, Mayweather and McGregor continues to be the talk of boxing and within the UFC fan base.  Sources have also confirmed that Madison Square Garden and AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington Texas are also under consideration as possible venues to host what would be a mega fight.

Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys and his home in Arlington are accustomed to hosting big time fights and reportedly the owner would have a major investment with the fight.

And there is no doubt the hype before a fight, again one that is very skeptical, would surpass the all-time pay-per-view and gross record that was set with the fluke Pacquiao and Mayweather had in May of 2015 in Las Vegas.  

But boxing always seems to stage an opportunity. This one would be a box office and pay per view bonanza but the sport does not need another mockery to drive it further into the grave.  Mayweather would come out of retirement and look to surpass the undefeated record of Rocky Marciano and his ego tells him to do that along with the money,

McGregor is another factor and with knowledge this UFC king has never been in a real ring that is not surrounded by a cage. That intrigue alone only adds to the hype, and of course the name of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his ego to make a statement.

So where do we stand?  Sources again can confirm that Mayweather is talking and on social media he retains the hype. McGregor has been avoiding Dana White and conditioning to adapt for a boxing style that would adapt to Mayweather.

And we all know to defeat Mayweather that requires surpassing his defense and connecting with the punches. Just ask Pacquiao about the Mayweather defense and we all know how that worked out with 12-rounds of a fight that did not lead up to the hype.

But the hype is interesting because there is the never ending debate about a UFC fighter in the ring with a professional boxer. McGregor is a competitor but does not have the hands or agility to go punch-for-punch. Mayweather will box, fight, and use his defense.

You ask the fighters and they go with Mayweather. Of course the UFC advocates in their community and will never go against one of their own, so this makes for more of a hefty and heated debate in their respective gyms.

There is a lot of money being discussed and when that happens, as we witnessed with Mayweather and Pacquiao, anything is possible. Now there is no fight but tomorrow who knows?  

We do know this is an interesting story line and boxing has a compelling schedule of good fights in the months ahead. Mayweather will manage and promote his young fighters and is always open to making a deal when it involves millions of dollars.

So for now it is all hype.  And if Mayweather-McGregor does get signed and delivered the hype to the fight better lead to expectations. If not, boxing could be digging a further death that would be difficult to revive.

UFC? They have the fan base and always will.  But the name of Conor McGregor would have to be determined.

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