Ferrara: All The Knicks Problems Start With Jim Dolan

Just when you think you’ve reached the depths of hell, keep going. While meant to be an inspirational quote, is actually just reality for Knicks fans. In a week where Knicks legend Charles Oakley was ejected from MSG, arrested, subsequently banned, and where James Dolan did a radio interview sounding quite similar to another man in power with no qualification other than being born lucky, the most perplexing turn of events came Sunday afternoon, where Dolan once again insulted the intelligence of Knicks fan.

Dolan was in his customary courtside seat, flanked by some familiar faces, former Knicks Larry Johnson, Latrell Sprewell and Vin Baker. Which would otherwise be fine, had Dolan, not 48 hours earlier publicly trashed Oakley, insinuating that he has anger and alcohol problems and perhaps “personality issues” and also insinuated that Oakley was making inappropriate comments to MSG staff. Sprewell is a beloved Knick, one who also had a falling out with Dolan and well documented issues with violence, Johnson, also a Knicks executive, got into hot water over homophobic twitter comments. Baker, an underwhelming Knick, has publicly battled alcoholism.

Did Dolan think Knicks fans would be so blind by other former Knicks that they can’t see the obvious PR stunt? The obvious hypocrisy? The most insulting thing Dolan does, is undermine the intelligence of Knicks fans. 48 hours of backlash, and Dolan thought it was a good idea to round up some Knicks fans haven’t seen in awhile. Yet everyone he invited, has actually had documented issues with what Dolan accused Oakley of! I don’t blame the players for attending at all, who doesn’t like good PR, courtside tickets and the incredible shrimp cocktail in the VIP lounge. Baker even said after, “(Dolan) called me sounding really sad asking me if I would come sit with him. Hadn’t spoke to him in 15 years.” Anything to try for a good look huh Dolan?

Dolan can trot out ex Knicks left and right. It won’t make up for how he treated Oakley Wednesday. It won’t help the disaster Phil Jackson and this Knicks team is. It won’t change the widely held league opinion of players and agents that the franchise is an absolute joke. And it certainly won’t change what intelligent Knicks fans know-the beginning and the end of the Knicks problems is James Dolan.

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