Coppola: Mets Magical Mystery Tour

Clayton Kershaw makes $33,000,000 per year as ace of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The Diamondback’s Zack Greinke has an annual average salary of $34,416,667. My question, how is this even possible that Arizona can afford to pay this enormous salary? Is it a mystery or just good front office decisions?

I understand the Dodgers, with the highest attendance and a big $204 million per year TV package are able to afford ridiculous salaries. But the Diamondbacks rank 21st in attendance, number 13 in TV revenue and number 19th in total revenue among other teams. Somehow they make it work.

Guess who is at number six in total revenue? Answer: the poor money strapped NY Mets. If the D’backs can afford Greinke you would think the Mets can afford any of the free agents that were on the market this year with room to spare for Yoenis Cespedes.

We all know that he Mets lack of spending was do in part to the money owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz lost from about $500 million invested in the Bernie Madoff scam back in 2008. They originally owed the victims $162 million which will be reduced to about $29 million, about the price of one second tier free agent player with a three- year deal.

The Wilpons claimed they needed to take out big loans, with big interest payments to keep from going under. How about selling the team?They are not as rich as the Yankees or the Dodgers but have more revenue than 24 other teams.

Wait, let me get a tissue.

This winter they missed out on some big bats in the free agent market, that would have made them better. Edwin Encarnacion along with Cespedes, would have given them one scary line-up at three and in the cleanup spot. This was not a stellar free agent market, loaded with outfielders and they don’t need anymore.

So lets give them a pass on this thin crop of free agents. A step up at catcher with Matt Wieters or Wilson Ramos would have been too risky with both high priced catchers spending too much time on the DL in the past. Dexter Fowler would have been a good addition, but only if they could of moved two of the three right fielders in a trade for better arms in the bullpen.

Will they use some of that money from the Shake Shack and spend wisely in the next few years? I have my doubts.

Another thing that remains a mystery is their trudging through mud approach to trades. I understand their plan of relying on that amazing young pitching staff to get them to the playoffs. But if one or two of them go down again, and again is the key word here, they will struggle.

That could necessitate some trades, something the Metropolitans seem to of been uncomfortable doing this winter. Guess there was nothing out there that the Mets felt could help, No relief pitching, no catcher not even a Mr Met with a bigger head?

Would have, could have, should have, leaves you with a whole lot of nothing.

They have a good team, not a great team. They will need help from other teams losing and that is not a way to win a World Series. The Nationals haven’t been able to figure out how to even get to there and the Braves and Phillies are getting better but are still not there yet.

So there is hope for a playoff spot, where anything can happen. But no matter how much media department hype they want to spin on their fans this year a reality is these Mets are the same team, or less than they were last year.

I hope they prove me wrong!


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