NYCFC Harrison:Ready for Competition

Jack Harrison is already in a better place at the midpoint of the preseason with NYCFC and happier as a result. Fast forward a year ago and you see an injured Harrison. Today he is in prime condition with a year of experience under his belt. He also has competition for his spot.

“It’s great to have a full preseason after what happened last year where I was injured and couldn’t get off to the start I wanted,” said Harrison. 

Bu it’s not where you start but where you finish. Harrison ended last season as a surprise sensation. He took the same route that Generation Adidas winger Jonathan Lewis has as an MLS SuperDraft selection by NYCFC.

Harrison was there and has gotten to know the man who shares the same dream of playing for NYCFC. Harrison is not threatened by his presence and is

Focusing more on putting the team first is a priority.
“It’s great to have competition for places and it’s healthy competition to because we all get along really well off the field which helps when we’re on it.”

Like peering over a cliff edge in curiosity, Harrison wants to see how the new additions will do. So far collectively they have the work ethic and it’s made for a quality camp.

“Jon’s one of them who is doing really well,” Harrison said, “It will be really interesting to see what he does this year.”

The upcoming friendly match with Emelec in their new stadium will be a litmus test for this group of scrappy newcomers and will show NYCFC al they need to know. Harrison himself is walking in new territory himself but knows it will be a good way of blooding the inexperienced.

“It’ll definitely be a tough game and not one we’ll take for granted,” Harrison promised.

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