Dax McCarty still processing trade from the New York Red Bulls

It’s been two days already but even for a veteran it stings. For Dax McCarty, who was such an integral part of the New York Red Bulls midfield, it’s still quite a surreal feeling being traded for allocation money. “I’ve been sitting here for a week trying to process everything and I still can’t quite come up with words to describe how I’m feeling,” McCarty said.

Freshly married, the only word he needed said it best, “blindsided.” Dax, 29, is now in Chicago while teammates back in New York remain shocked as well as many see him as “irreplaceable” and wonder who will replace the captain for leadership and love for the club he first played for in 2011.

Two Supporter Cups have not brought a championship but his effort could never be questioned in the quest for it. “I’ll never forget our accomplishments and our failures and everything in between,” McCarty said.

The letter he wrote to his team was from the heart which credited his team for making him better as a man and leader of this club. He thanked management who he now knows views him as worth $400,000 dollars in GAM money. He especially requested for Red Bull fans not to chant “metro reject” when he returns. For the Chicago Fire, who have bee targeting him for six months, they know what they have. “For us, he fills so much of what we need that it just makes sense,” Fire GM Nelson Rodriguez said.

But one has to wonder about the Red Bull front office in the way this was handled. “I’ve been in this league long enough to know how things work, but somehow I was still surprised.” Don’t feel bad Dax, Red Bull Nation is just as confused as you are.


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